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Import Thunderbird to Gmail or G Suite With All Related Properties

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 14-Sep-2022 ~ Thunderbird ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Are you attempting to import Thunderbird to Gmail or G Suite?

If you answered yes, we can assist you. This article has just what you’re looking for. It is one of the most straightforward and fast methods to import email folders from Thunderbird to Gmail.

Thus, in order to ascertain what that method is, let us begin the process of arriving at your most preferred conclusion.

To be fair, if your duty were reversed, it would be simpler, since it would be simple to add Gmail to your Thunderbird account. However, the issue at hand is Thunderbird to Gmail migration, which is quite challenging due to the accounts’ respective lack of functionality.

However, such a lack of functioning will not have an impact on our work since the answer we have for you is independent of everything, and now is the moment to present it to you right away. So have a look at it.

A Time-Saving Method to Import Thunderbird to Gmail / G Suite

Thunderbird File Converter is the program that enables you to easily forward email from Thunderbird to Gmail. It’s a Thunderbird-specific program that also works without account settings, which means that even if you simply have Thunderbird files on your device, you may export them as desired. Further it supports to export the complete data. You can import contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird as well as other properties simultaneously.

By selecting the link above, you can download the Thunderbird to Gmail migration program for your Windows or Mac device. What you need to do now that you’ve downloaded the tool is outlined below. You go through the entire process and swiftly import Thunderbird to Gmail account.

  • After launching the Tool; you must click either Convert configured Thunderbird mailboxes data or Let me select my Thunderbird Mailbox data.
    select option to choose thunderbird data
  • When you choose the option, say Configured account, you will notice that all of the folders have been imported into the tool interface.
    uploaded data
  • You must now proceed by selecting Gmail as the saving option.
    select gmail
  • You will then be prompted to input your Gmail email address and password and then click the Export option.

Note: If you wish to forward Thunderbird to G Suite, you must first pick the IMAP options and then click the Export button after inputting the account credentials.

Your Mozilla Thunderbird emails have been successfully transferred to your Gmail or G Suite account. You will be contacted once everything has been completed.

We now ask that you investigate the Thunderbird to G Suite Migration tool further since it is of concern to you. We’d like to show you some of its features so you can decide whether or not the tool is right for you. So, have a look at it.

Learn More about Thunderbird Emails to Gmail Migration Tool

  1. Select Accounts: The Thunderbird Mailbox to G Suite transfer tool supports any of the Thunderbird accounts that you have established. As a result, you may pick the accounts and upload all of the account data to the tool at once.
  2. Manual Selection: The tool provides functionalities that take into consideration all of the user’s circumstances. As a result, this function is valuable to people who have not been configured with an account. You may manually choose Thunderbird mailboxes from the device according on your needs.
  3. Mass Conversion: The method allows you to import Thunderbird to Gmail in bulk with no constraints. As a result, even if you have hundreds of folders, you may convert them all at once in a single process.
  4. Total Conversion: Well, the program allows you to move all of your data without leaving anything behind. You may export contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird as well as other properties such as calendars, and attachments.
  5. Maintains Integrity: Simply assisting you to export Thunderbird to Gmail is insufficient; your solution must also ensure the integrity of all your data. As a result, our Thunderbird to Gmail migration tool meets these criteria as well. It keeps all of your data’s integrity and ensures that none of it is tampered with during conversion.
  6. Supported operating systems: This app allows you to forward email from Thunderbird to Gmail on both Mac and Windows. Yes, the utility is compatible with both Mac and Windows, regardless of the version.

Note: Please keep in mind that these are only a handful of the numerous functionalities available. As a result, keep in mind that there are many other things you should know about the tool. And in order to learn them, you must give them a try.

In Conclusion

In just a few minutes, you can bulk import Thunderbird to Gmail, including all contacts and other data. The recommended Thunderbird mailbox to Gmail migration tool is an all-in-one solution with a plethora of useful features to make your data transfer faster and more reliable. So, if you want to export Thunderbird emails to g Suite while keeping their integrity, you should use our solution.

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