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Import PST to office 365 In Batch and Few Steps Here’s How

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 12-Aug-2022 ~ PST File ~ 5 Minutes Reading

This article includes the data you’re searching for. Yes, it includes one of the most effective methods to import PST to Office 365. A strategy that satisfies all of your requirements while also providing a simple data migrating trip and experience. Are you intrigued about the technique…? Take a short walk with us to learn about that method.

To be sure, Outlook PST files are really valuable when they are connected to the appropriate account; nevertheless, if they are not, you may not be able to utilize them efficiently. You cannot open or use them.

However, if you save them on a reliable platform like Office 365, you may not only examine them but also safeguard them to a large extent. Do you wish to learn how…? Consider the following.

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Why Is It Necessary to Import PST to Office 365 Mailbox?

  • To summarise, Microsoft Office 365 is an excellent email service that provides several benefits to its customers. You may take use of a variety of fantastic features all in one location that can significantly improve your company’s communication.
  • If you migrate PST to Office 365 mailbox, you will have a platform to transmit them from.
  • Additionally, you will have the freedom to access your PST files since you will be able to review them via any web browser, just as you can access Outlook Web App from any device.

Thus, these are some of the advantages to import PST to OWA. As a result, to assist you in making the best use of Outlook PST files, we offer an excellent technique for importing them to Office 365. Therefore, have a peek below.

Consider a Compatible Method for Migrating a PST File to Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox.

With the aid of a PST Exporter tool for Mac OS, it is possible to move PST data to another platform, such as OWA. It is an all-encompassing method capable of much more than data conversion. Along with being extremely fast, it makes an effort to bulk import all of your PST files in one transaction.

It is capable of quickly and effectively exporting PST to OWA together with all of its associated attachments. Additionally, it ensures the integrity of all of your data by ensuring that it is not tampered with throughout the transfer process.

Now that you’ve gotten some familiarity with the program, it’s time to walk you through the process to import PST to Office 365 without Outlook. Therefore, it has been discussed in detail in the following part; please take the time to read it completely.

Kindly Read the Complete Instructions to Export PST to OWA Without Outlook

  • To begin, click the download link accessible above to obtain the PST to OWA Import Tool. Following that, complete the setup and installation.
  • After the installation is complete, run it to import PST to Office 365.
  • Now, depending on the size of the data, you must either choose Add Files or Add Folder.
    click add files or add folders
  • Now, from the list of available options, pick IMAP as the saving method.
    select imap
  • Enter your Office 365 email address and password, followed by a save button.

Your PST files will now be automatically transferred to Microsoft Office 365. Your assignment has been completed.

Now following the procedure, the next part of the Outlook PST to Office 365 Import Tool that you should be familiar with is its functionalities. Therefore, please examine them and determine what purpose you can utilize them for.

Consider Several of the Tool’s Beneficial and Advanced Features.

  • This software allows you to pick files in two ways: individually or as a full folder.
  • Import PST to Office 365, including attachments, contacts, and other attributes.
  • Provides a file naming option via which you may simply rename your resulting files.
  • While importing PST to Microsoft Office 365, it preserves the integrity and folder hierarchy.
  • To use this program, you do not need to be set up with an Outlook account.
  • This program is compatible with all new and old versions of Windows and MAC OS.
  • Move the Outlook PST files to other webmails using the application such as – Import PST to Hotmail.
Note: Please keep in mind that the functions shown below are only a sampling of the numerous options accessible. So, if you wish to know the Outlook PST to OWA import Tool to its full potential, you must do so in person.

In Conclusion

You may import PST to Office 365 in a few simple steps, taking all of your emails and related data with you. You may do so by using the PST to Office 365 Import Tool. It is not only a very effective piece of software, but it also provides various benefits to its users. It is totally automatic and requires very little work from you. As a consequence, if you want to do your assignment as quickly as possible, you should think about utilizing this tool.