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Transfer PST to Hotmail Directly With All Attributes In A Few Simple Steps

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 14-Oct-2022 ~ PST File ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Is your Hotmail account still functioning in your web browser? Do you have no idea what to do with this account? If such is the case, we will provide you the option to take advantage of it. You may utilize your orphaned Hotmail account to secure a huge quantity of PST files that are important to you. Do you want to know how? Simply import the PST file to Hotmail; that is all that is required.

Let us go for a scroll.

If you transfer Outlook PST to Hotmail, your data will be protected since it will be stored on a cloud server, you will have a fantastic platform to access it, and you will have a great deal of flexibility in accessing your PST files from any internet browser. On the other hand, you may then make excellent use of your Hotmail account, which will be brimming with valuable information.

Therefore, let us create a mutually advantageous relationship between your PST and Hotmail accounts. Thus, to ensure that they complement one another, we have a terrific choice for you. Therefore, examine it and determine what you can do to make it a reality for yourself.

An Exceptional and Ingenious Method to Import PST File to Hotmail Account

The MacXtra Software PST Converter is the road that will lead you to achieve your destination. It’s a one-stop solution to import messages from PST to Hotmail with all of their related properties intact, including attachments. It’s a very handy solution that enables you to quickly transfer Outlook PST files to Hotmail on Mac and also includes a slew of useful traits that make the operation faster and more convenient.

Therefore, now that you are aware of the road, allow us to demonstrate how to follow it. To that aim, we’d like to take you step by step through the procedure. You can easily import PST files to Hotmail by following each step.

  • To begin, download, install, and open the PST to Hotmail Converter on your Windows or Mac computer to import Outlook PST to Hotmail.
  • Now, from the tool’s left panel, click Add files / Add folders to begin the operation.
    click add files or add folders
  • Once the PST files or folders have been selected and uploaded, you will notice that they have been loaded into the Outlook PST file to Hotmail Converter.
    loaded pst
  • Select IMAP as a saving option from the list of available options.select imap
  • Enter the email address and password for your Hotmail account, and then click the Export

Once you click the export button, the export procedure will begin. It will take only a few seconds regardless of the number of files you have. Once they have been imported into Hotmail, you will receive a notification.

Note:  You can partially import Outlook PST files to Hotmail for free by downloading and running the program. This is because it provides a sample version for the user’s convenience. Therefore, in order to better grasp the program, we strongly suggest that you start with its free edition.

Following that process, the next crucial aspect of the PST to Hotmail converter that you should evaluate is its advanced features. To be specific, there are a number of elements that work in concert to make the procedure to import PST file to Hotmail quicker and more reliable. Therefore, investigate them to determine what they are.

Investigate Several Features of the Outlook PST files to Hotmail Import tool

  • Simple User Interface: One of the best features of the proposed program is its user interface. It’s easy and uncomplicated. There is no complication to cause you to become confused or to make the procedure more difficult.
  • Standalone: The PST to Hotmail converter runs completely independently of any other application. After downloading the program, you are not required to be set up with an Outlook account in order to import messages from PST to Hotmail
  • Bulk Export: This feature of the program will save you time even if you have a huge number of files. It supports importing PST files to the Hotmail batch. You may even export hundreds of PST files in a single operation.
  • Complete Data Export: The program is capable of importing all PST file attributes. You can import .pst to Hotmail, including attachments, contacts, calendars, and other associated information.
  • Supported Operating Systems: This tool allows you to import PST to Hotmail on Windows or Mac Operating systems. Thus, regardless of the device you use, the Outlook PST File to Hotmail import utility is beneficial.

In Conclusion

Using the method we offer, you may import PST files to Hotmail in bulk, including attachments and other attributes, in only a few minutes. We have provided you with the optimal PST to Hotmail converter to assist you in completing your data conversion process. It is an all-in-one approach that provides several benefits that you may utilize when doing your activity. As a result, you should employ your recommended strategy for a terrific and straightforward data-converting journey.

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