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Import OST to Gmail Directly With All Related Properties

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 31-Dec-2022 ~ OST File ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Are you one of the many people who wish to move emails from OST to Gmail? If your response is affirmative, we must inform you that you have come to the correct location. Here is one of the strategies provided by the expert for effortlessly import OST to Gmail account.

You are all aware with MS Outlook and its file types. Outlook OST files are widely used for its calendars, contacts, journals, and notes. However, maintaining an OST and dealing with its faults may be tough. It forces users to explore for alternatives such as Gmail.

Justifications for Importing OST Files in Gmail

There may be a variety of causes for various sorts of users, depending on their requirements. Perhaps the most often reasons are given below.

  • Gmail includes an in-built tool that allows you to backup your emails to your local disc. The backup of emails enables users to open and see them at any time.
  • Additionally, it prevents the loss of emails and data. Although it takes days or even weeks to backup Gmail, once it is complete, you may access it at any time.
  • OST files are stored on the local drive. It is vulnerable to a wide variety of virus assaults and malware incursions. By switching from OST to Gmail, you may avoid this issue because Gmail stores all the data on the cloud.

As we’ve seen, there are a variety of reasons to migrate OST to Gmail. Let us now proceed to look at the best strategy for accomplishing the same.

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The Most Effective Method to Import OST to Gmail in Just Four Simple Steps

The OST file converter provides a means to move emails from OST email to Gmail. It’s an all-in-one solution that can import Outlook OST files directly to Gmail, maintaining all of their related properties, including attachments. Therefore, now that you are aware of the road, allow us to demonstrate how to follow it. To that aim, we’d like to take you to step by step through the procedure. You may effortlessly convert OST to Gmail by following each step.

  • Download the .ost file to Gmail Converter. Now install and run it to import OST files in Gmail.
  • Now start the process by clicking on either the Add Folder or Add Files
  • Select all OST files that you want to migrate. Once you’re done, you’ll find that they’ve been loaded into the tool.
  • Now select IMAP from the list of available storage options. Enter your Gmail credentials and then click the Save

So, these are the four simple procedures related to the .ost file to Gmail converter that you must carefully follow in order to import OST to Gmail.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the tool. We’d now like to describe some of the functions linked with it and invite you to peruse them if you’re interested in extracting further information from it.

Obtain Additional Information About the OST File to Gmail Migration Tool

  1. Simple UI: The utility’s biggest feature is that even if it’s your first time using it, you’ll feel as if you’re using it for the hundredth time. Its user interface is very straightforward.
  2. Selection by hand: The .ost file to Gmail converter provides you with two excellent alternatives for selecting and uploading OST files. You may migrate OST to Gmail by selecting individual files or whole directories.
  3. Batch Conversion: Regardless of the number of OST files you have, it will take a few minutes to convert them all. With the app, you may import OST to Gmail in bulk and in four simple steps.
  4. Migration in its entirety: Not only does the OST email to Gmail converter convert emails with plain text, but it also transforms all associated data. It can migrate from OST to Gmail with attachments and other features.
  5. Supported Operating System: The program can convert OST to Gmail Mac and Windows. Additionally, you may execute the tool in any of their launched versions, whether older or newer.

Note: One of the most significant advantages of the .ost file to Gmail converter is that it includes a free demo edition. You may use the utility for free with this edition. You can utilize its operations and services, as well as migrate OST to Gmail to a certain extent. As a result, if you wish to evaluate it first, you must get the demo edition.


We’ve provided you with the best method to import OST to your Gmail account in bulk and in four simple stages, complete with attachments and other data. The approach works on both Mac and Windows operating systems. Additionally, it includes a sample version in case you wish to test it out first. Therefore, if you’re looking for the simplest way to transfer emails from OST to Gmail, please use the .ost to Gmail converter.