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Transfer MBOX Files to Mozilla Thunderbird Account with Attachments

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 21-Jun-2022 ~ MBOX File ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Today we will discuss how easily one can import MBOX to Thunderbird. Since Mozilla Thunderbird supports MBOX files, importing the files manually method can be performed.

I am looking for the best technique to move MBOX files to my new Thunderbird account. After searching for a method, I found the ImportExport ad-on technique. But it didn’t work for me. Please recommend a solution for this.

The Email messages are stored in *.mbox file format. MBOX files contain multiple files in single text files. All emails are connected like one message to the other, starting from the From header.

Many users prefer Mozilla Thunderbird, a free desktop-based application. It supports multiple accounts and stores MBOX-formatted mailbox data. Users may need to submit MBOX files to Thunderbird from a variety of applications that use the same format.

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Techniques to Import MBOX to Thunderbird Account

The *.mbox files are supported by the Thunderbird account, thus without any conversion, there is a manual technique to move files. Go through each of the methods and narrow down any approach as per the need.

a.) Copy-paste MBOX files to Thunderbird Profile

b.) Use ImportExport Ad-on

c.) MacXtra Tool – Professional Method

Copy Paste MBOX Email Files Directly to Thunderbird Profile

1. Start Thunderbird Account on the system and go to the Help option in the Menu.

2. Click on Troubleshooting Information. A new tab will open up, from there click on Open Folder.

3. As a result, the Thunderbird profile will open up. Go to Mail Folder>Local Folders. Different files will be present in the local folder.

4. In the current folder, paste all the required MBOX files.

5. Finally, restart the Thunderbird application to check the imported MBOX files.

Use ImportExport Add-On

a.) Search for Import/Export Tool Add-On for Thunderbird and Install the ad-on.

b.) Start Thunderbird Application and go to Tools. Select ImportExportTools and select Import MBOX file.

c.) A new tab will appear on the screen – File MBOX Import. Choose Import directly one or more MBOX files. Hit the Ok button.

d.) Thus, a folder will pop up to browse for the MBOX files and click on the Open button.

Limitation: The above technique does not ensure 100% accuracy. Users have had issues while using the add-on method. To overcome the limitation read the next article.

Expertise Technique to Import MBOX to Thunderbird Account

Use the software MBOX Converter for the migration of MBOX files to the Thunderbird account. Transfer multiple MBOX files to the Thunderbird account. Import Inbox.mbox, sent.mbox, save.mbox, etc. to the Mozilla account effortlessly.

View MBOX files on Mac before performing any migration

All the above method works perfectly to an extent. But when it comes to accuracy most professionals recommend the third-party tool. Get access to MBOX file using Thunderbird along with the attached documents.

How to Move the Mailboxes to Thunderbird Account?

Get the application form here and install it right away.

1. Add MBOX files to the software interface using any of the ADD buttons. For bulk, migration adds multiple files to the software interface.

Start the application to import mbox to thunderbird

2. Further, press the Next button to choose the required files from the selected folder. Again, press the Next button.

3. From Select Saving List choose the Thunderbird option. As a result, the software will provide a field to enter the location of the Thunderbird profile folder.

Set destination location and naming options

4. Press the Export button to start the process. Within minutes all the files will be moved to the Thunderbird account.

Trial Version Limitation: The utility comes with two different versions – Demo / Trial Version and licensed package. In the initial package, the tool will only allow importing 25 emails to the Thunderbird profile. Thus, for unlimited migration of email, files use the upgraded edition.

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Q. Can I transfer MBOX files from Gmail/ Google Take to the Thunderbird account?

A. Yes. Of course. The MBOX files extracted from Google takes, Apple Mail, etc. can be imported to the Thunderbird account without any restriction.

Q. How many files can be imported using this tool?

A. As many as needed using the upgraded version of the application.

Q. What are the requirements while using the tool?

A. To import MBOX to the Thunderbird profile, the Thunderbird application is mandatory. Since the utility transfers the files directly to the profile folder. Else, there is no external application requirement.

Final Outline

Migrate multiple email files in *.mbox to the Thunderbird account directly without any ad-on. The write-up has a different method to try for the user. To import MBOX to Thunderbird without any error we recommend the automated method. However, the user is free to choose from the above article.