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Directly Import EML Files to IMAP Servers Using Simple Settings

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 30-Nov-2022 ~ EML File ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Do you only recently become aware of the problem of having a large number of EML files on your desktop? Do you just wish to rearrange the placement and order of your files? If so, you may modify them to any file format if you only need accessibility, but if you also need flexibility, you must import EML files to IMAP; we’ll show you how.

Why Should You Import .eml to IMAP Servers?

  • Well, IMAP servers are a platform that provides not just outstanding data accessibility but also flexibility.
  • As you can see, you can access the accounts from whatever device you’ve configured. You are not restricted to a single device, as you are when using a desktop email client.
  • Furthermore, it provides you with enhanced data protection that you would not have if you kept your EML files on a local device.
  • Thus, based on the key benefits, it is reasonable to conclude that it is preferable to import EML files to IMAP servers.

As a result, if you have been affected by the advancement of the IMAP server let us give you a method to import your EML files into it. So, have a look at it.

An Appropriate Way to Import EML Files to IMAP

The MacXtra EML Converter is a one-stop shop for importing .eml files to IMAP while keeping all of their associated attributes, including attachments, intact. It’s a really useful solution that allows you to swiftly transfer files on both Mac and Windows computers and offers a boatload of useful features that make the process even quicker and easier.

  • To use this tool to import .eml to IMAP, install, and start it on your Windows or Mac device.
  • To begin the operation, click Add files/folders from the tool’s left panel.
    click add files or add folders
  • After you’ve selected and uploaded the EML files or folders, you’ll notice that they’ve been loaded into the EML to IMAP Converter.
    loaded eml files
  • Select IMAP as a saving option from the list of saving options. Enter your account’s email address and password, and then click the Export.
    select imap click export to import eml files to imap server

The export operation will begin after you click the export button. Regardless of how many files you have, the tool will only take a few moments. Once they have been imported to IMAP, you will be notified.

Notice: Download and use the tool to import Outlook PST files to any email client for free up to a point. This is due to the sample version it includes for the user’s convenience. As a result, to get a better understanding of the software, we strongly advise you to start with the free version.

The next critical component of the .eml to IMAP converter to consider is its advanced capabilities. To be more specific, a number of factors work together to make the process to import EML files to IMAP faster and more dependable. As a result, look into them to find out what they are.

Examine Several .eml to IMAP Converter Tool Features

  • Simplest UI: The suggested program’s user interface is one of its greatest characteristics. It’s simple. There is no complexity to mislead you or make the operation harder.
  • Standalone: The .eml to IMAP import Tool operates without any additional program. To import EML files to IMAP servers, you must now download any other alternative application.
  • Bulk Transfer: This program’s functionality will save you time if you have a lot of files. It can batch import EML to IMAP. You may export hundreds of EML files or folders at once.
  • Complete Data Transfer: The software may import all EML file characteristics. You may import .eml files with attachments, contacts, and other related data.
  • Supported OS: The utility can import EML files to IMAP on any version of Windows and Mac operating systems. So, regardless of your device, the EML to IMAP import tool is useful.

In Conclusion

Using our approach, you may mass import EML files to IMAP, including attachments and other properties. We have given you the best EML to IMAP converter to help you convert your data. It is an all-in-one solution that offers several advantages for your activities. So, choose your preferred technique for a fantastic and simple data conversion adventure.

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