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How to Convert EML to HTML without Losing any Information ?

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 25-Nov-2022 ~ EML File ~ 5 Minutes Reading

We’ll discuss “How to convert EML to HTML” with you today. You can find detailed instructions and a step-by-step walkthrough for converting EML files to HTML format in this article.

It is advantageous to have data in HTML format. However, converting EML files into HTML files is not a simple procedure. This necessitates the use of a tested solution that may convert entire EML files to HTML without causing data loss.

Here we will show you one of the best and free methods to convert EML to HTML.

Let’s examine HTML’s benefits before we begin the change.

Advantages of HTML File Format

If a person does not have Internet access, they can still access their email through a web browser because the HTML format supports this.

When compared to HTML files, EML files are extremely impossible to edit or update. HTML files, on the other hand, may be easily modified with a variety of text editors.

Manual Method to Change EML to HTML Format

  1. Choose the EML files and right.
  2. And then press on the “Rename” option and remove .eml to .mht.
  3. Now save the file, a pop-up will appear, press on the “yes” icon.
  4. Next, open the converted file on Internet Explorer.
  5. After that, the file will open and again save the file by using “CTRL + S”.
  6. And choose the file type as .html and browse the location and save it.

Now the EML file is converted into HTML format successfully.

Important Note: This manual method is sufficient for certain data. but if you want to convert unlimited EML files at one time, then you should check the 2 methods. which are listed below:

Manual Methods Limitations

  • Users can not convert multiple EML files at one time.
  • You have to repeat the procedure again and again for each email.
  • Manual methods take a long time and lengthy process.

Direct Way to Convert EML to HTML Format in Bulk

The most powerful and one of the best solutions to convert EML files is the MacXtra Batch EML File Converter Tool. The software comes with amazing features. Additionally, our programmers use original algorithms to construct this solution, setting it apart from software from other brands. With this software, users can convert multiple and selected EML files. Also, the EML to HTML converter supports all EML files exported from Windows live mail, eM Client, Thunderbird, Dreammail, SeaMonkey, and other email clients.

Attention Please: The EML to HTML converter provide a demo version for free, so users can download and install the software for free by using the Download icon to convert limited EML files into limited file formats. If you want to convert unlimited EML files you must purchase the licensed version.

Powerful Features of EML to HTML Converter

  • Users can download the software easily and install the software without any hassle.
  • Moreover, the software is easy for both expert and non-technical users because of its straightforward design.
  • EML to HTML converter offers the possibility to upload one or more EML files simultaneously.
  • Additionally, the EML to HTML converter may operate independently, so there is no need to install any other third-party tools to use it.
  • The EML to HTML converter keeps all information, including Bcc, Subject, Cc, Date, To, and other email header metadata, intact.

How Can I Convert EML Files into HTML Format?

  1. Download and run the tool on your Mac machine.
  2. And then upload EML files by using the “Add Files” and “Add folders” options.

    upload the MSG files to convert EML to HTML

  3. The software panel will now show all EML files.

    all MSG files will show

  4. And then click on the “File Naming Option” and choose the “HTML” format from the list.

    select saving option and choose “HTML” to convert EML to HTML

  5. Now browse the location according to your needs.
  6. Finally, click the “Export” button to begin the conversion of EML to HTML.

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Client Reviews

“I purchased this software to convert my 500+ EML files into HTML format exported from corrupted windows live mail. A few times back when windows live mail got corrupted, I exported complete data in EML format. and save them as my backup, and 3 days back I need that backup but as an HTML format to open in the browser. So, I used this software and it works amazingly, thank you MacCtra for hassle-free EML to HTML conversion”

“My friend suggests me this solution because I want to export EML files into Thunderbird, and seriously this software works amazingly. The EML to HTML converter allows me to import my EML files with preserved metadata. And it works amazingly that MacXtra.”

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This article will examine a variety of topics related to the conversion of EML files to HTML files in general. Discover the Best EML to HTML Converter tool that will work for the users and assist them in completing the simple EML to HTML conversion alternatives that have been provided. It also offers bulk conversion of numerous EML files using the same software. I appreciate your consideration.