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Import EML Files to Apple Mail Efficiently with All Attachments

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 16-Dec-2022 ~ EML File ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Are you seeking a technique to import EML files to Apple Mail that is compatible? Can’t you figure out what the proper method is and what the technical requirements are?

If yes, you may put your anxieties to rest right now since we’ll answer all of your questions about how to convert EML to Apple Mail. So, let’s get started on resolving your EML troubles and detailing the technical requirements for importing it into Mac Mail.

How May EML Files Be Imported into Apple Mail?

To begin, there are a few technical requirements that must be met in order to convert EML to Apple Mail. Therefore, allow us to explain them to you in the simplest terms possible. So, have a look…

  • Well, Mac Mail is a pre-installed email client for Mac OS X. This apple mail application saves all email in the MBOX format.
  • As a result, you must understand that EML cannot be imported directly into Mac Mail. Before importing EML files, they must first be converted to the Mac Mail compatible .mbox format.

Thus, the file extension conversion is the first technical condition that must be met; otherwise, you will be unable to import EML files to Apple Mail.

As a result, allow us to demonstrate how to modify the file extensions so that you may import EML to Apple Mail later. Therefore, please review it and complete it in order to resolve your issue.

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How to Import EML Files to Apple Mail in an Appropriate and Timely Manner

EML File Converter enables you to import all of your EML files at once, including with their associated attributes, directly into Apple Mail. It is a highly secure technology that protects your data’s integrity. On the other hand, the processes required to import EML to Apple Mail are similarly straightforward and minimal.


Thus, regardless of the quantity of files, you can be assured that your work will take only a few minutes to finish. As a result, you must validate those steps first.

Import EML to Mac Mail: A Step-by-step Process

  • Download and install and start the EML to Apple Mail Converter software.
  • To add EMLs to the programme, you must first pick the Add files or Add folders option shown on the utility’s interface.
    click add files option
  • Browse for and upload EML files to the tool. Once complete, you will notice that the utility has loaded all of your specified EMLs.
    uploaded eml files
  • Now you must pick MBOX as the saving format, select the location of your files, and then click the Export.
    select mbox click export to import eml files to apple mail

Thus, these are the only measures necessary to accomplish your final aim. Your EML files have been converted successfully to a Mac Mail compatible format. Following that, you may manually import them using the manual function.

Hey, we’ve got another incentive for you to utilise it to import EML to Apple Mail. Therefore, let us examine what it is.

What Makes Our EML to Apple Mail Converter More Appropriate for You?

  • Mass Conversion: The EML to Apple Mail converter is not restricted in terms of the number of EML files that may be converted. It can import many EML files into Apple Mail at the same time, regardless of size.
  • Complete Conversion: An EML file contains not only plain-text emails, but also attachments. As a result, the tool is capable of converting all data concurrently.
  • Location Selection: Rather than forcing you to use the default location, the EML to Mac Mail converter lets you to store the generated files to a location of your choice.
  • OS Support: You may import EML to Mac Mail on any version of the Windows or Mac operating systems. You can import EML files to Apple Mail on Mac OS from 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite, OS X 10.11 El Capitan, etc.

In Conclusion

If you follow our recommendations, you will be able to quickly and efficiently import EML files to Apple Mail. The strategy that is being presented is really effective and provides you with a number of advantages. It is effective and capable of achieving your aim in a matter of seconds by following a few straightforward processes. The only thing left to say about the EML to Mac Mail converter is that it’s a straightforward process that results in an excellent user experience.