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How to Import EarthLink Email to Outlook? Solved

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 24-Mar-2023 ~ EarthLink Email ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for a way to import EarthLink email to Outlook? if yes, then you are in the right place. In this write-up, we will explain to you one of the best and most free ways to add EarthLink email to Outlook without any hassle.

About EarthLink

In March 1994, EarthLink Network was established as a subsidiary of EarthLink, Inc. In mid-2001, it had 4.4 million users, making it the 2 Internet Service Provider behind America Online. Web hosting and security, Internet connectivity, luxury email service, and data protection solutions are some of its most popular offerings.

Inconstant email service was a common complaint from clients of EarthLink webmail. Therefore, many individuals import EarthLink email to Outlook, a more reliable email application service, in order to enjoy premium email features.

How to Add EarthLink Email to Outlook Manually?

  1. Open Outlook on your machine, and press the “File” tab.
  2. After that, choose the “Add Account” option to import EarthLink email to Outlook.
  3. Now put the login details of EarthLink and click on the “Connect” option.
  4. Select between “POP & IMAP”.
  5. And then enter your account settings and lastly press on the “Connect” icon.
  6. Now again enter the login credential of EarthLink and then “OK”.

Now your EarthLink account will add successfully to Outlook. but manual methods have some limitations, which are mentioned below:

Drawbacks of Manual Methods

  • Does not provide for the security of data.
  • Large shifts in data corruption are possible to import EarthLink email to Outlook.
  • It is necessary to have a technical specialist implement the strategy.
  • The process takes a long time to complete.
  • There is a risk of pictures, fonts, and files being damaged.

How to Import EarthLink Email to Outlook?

Highly recommended software to add EarthLink email to Outlook for Mac is MacXtra Emails Backup Wizard. The software has extraordinary features for Mac users to import EarthLink email to Outlook and users can easily download and install the software. Also, the software has a simple and user-friendly interface for all technical and non-technical users. The software has superpowers to import complete and unlimited data of EarthLink accounts at one time. These kinds of advanced features are mentioned below:

Advance Features of the EarthLink Email to Outlook Tool

  • The software is capable to add multiple and complete data of EarthLink into Outlook including emails, attachments, notes, contacts, calendars, and other data.
  • Also, there is no need to install Outlook or any third-party tool on your Machine to run this software to import EarthLink email to Outlook.
  • The software allows users to convert and add unlimited data of EarthLink at one time without any file size restrictions.
  • The tool can preserve all email attributes and original folder hierarchy during the conversion like Bcc, Cc, To, Date, subject, from, images, inline, formatting, colors, and other elements.
  • Users can select their required and desired destination path according to their needs.
  • This software supports all Outlook versions including Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 & previous versions.

How Does the Tool Work to Import EarthLink Email to Outlook?

  1. First, select EarthLink from the appearing list and then enter the login details of the account of EarthLink.

    enter the login details of the account of EarthLink

  2. After that, all the data will appear on the software panel, hit the “Select Saving Option” and choose “PST” from the list.

    all the data will appear to Import EarthLink Email to Outlook

  3. After that, put the Outlook account login credential.

    put the Outlook account login credential

  4. Now click on the “Filter Option”.

    Filter Option to Import EarthLink Email to Outlook

  5. Lastly, click on the “Start Backup” option to move EarthLink email to MS Outlook.

Please Read Me: The software comes with a demo version for free, so users can utilize the free edition and see how the software work properly. But the demo version can import only 25 emails from each folder. For unlimited conversion, purchase the licensed version.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this software work in Windows OS?

    No, this software only works with Mac OS.

  • Can I switch from EarthLink to a Gmail account directly?

    Yes, you can forward EarthLink emails to a Gmail account.

  • I have 8000+ EarthLink emails, so can I convert those emails at one time?

    Yes, this software converts unlimited EarthLink emails at one time.

Final Words

I went through the whole process to import EarthLink email to Outlook in detail. The product stated in the tool is a suggested product. EarthLink to Outlook PST Tool has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with a rating of 5/5. Because it is efficient in its operation, it has saved me both time and energy. So, download the utility to safely add EarthLink email to Outlook.