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How to Export Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail?

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 31-Dec-2022 ~ Thunderbird ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Do you have any idea how to export Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail? If not, don’t panic. This blog will provide you with complete information.

Many Mac users are looking for a smart technique to convert Thunderbird mail to Windows Live Mail.

As we all know, old is gold. At that time, such users are using Windows 7 and below versions of Windows Live Mail, which is the default app provided by Microsoft.

While Thunderbird is also an open-source email client, It is good for managing contacts and emails in a professional manner. It is also a desktop-based cross-platform application.

However, some users still need to import email from Thunderbird into Windows Live Mail.

Why do users need to Convert Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail?

“I am using the Mozilla Thunderbird email application on Windows 10 laptop. But I also have another laptop that is installed with the Windows 7 OS. On this computer, I am using Windows Live Mail to send and receive emails to communicate. But now I need to export Thunderbird email to WLM. Please suggest me a direct solution. ”

“I am the administrator of a multinational corporation. To manage large amounts of data, I am using a virtual machine. So my PC runs multiple Windows OS at once. For testing purposes, I need to transfer Thunderbird e-mails directly to Windows Live Mail. Can anyone suggest any direct solution to save me time? Please recommend it to me.”

Smart Solution to Export Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail

To convert Thunderbird mail to Windows Live Mail by using a professional solution, MacXtra Thunderbird Converter Solution, This tool is capable of importing contacts from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail without changing any details like name, image, email ID, etc. This tool is designed in such a way that both technical and non-technical users can work easily. It is able to transfer the whole Thunderbird profile data to Windows Mail.
Click on the Download button for Windows or Mac devices:

Note: The Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail converter gives you a demo version to understand the software process. But the demo version has some limitations. If you plan to export an unlimited Thunderbird profile to WLM, you need to purchase a licensed version.

Traits of the Software

  1. This software works automatically, there is no need to install Thunderbird on your system. You can select a file manually.
  2. It is capable of transferring Thunderbird emails to Windows Live Mail in bulk with attachments.
  3. You can save your results in any location using this tool.
  4. It has been tested by our experts. The Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail converter preserves all the email properties like header, footer, Bcc, To, etc.
  5. The tool supports both Windows and Mac platforms.
  6. It is able to import contacts from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail and Calendar as well.

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Steps to Import Mail from Thunderbird to Windows Mail

    1. After downloading the software on your PC.
    2. If you want specific data, click the “Convert Email or Convert Contacts and Calendars” option.
    3. The software uploads data from the default storage location by clicking the “Configure Thunderbird mailbox data” button, or you can add data manually by selecting the “Let me choose your Thunderbird mailbox data” option.

export thunderbird to windows live mail

    1. On the next screen, the software will show all the Thunderbird folders, select the folders you want to convert.

select folder

    1. Choose the EML option from several savings options.

select eml option

  1. Select the destination location by clicking the “Browse” option.
  2. Users can preview the conversion live on the screen.

After that, your resulting data is in .eml format. You need to export the.eml file to WLM manually.

Transfer the resulting data to WLM

  • Open the Windows Live mail application.
  • Select File >> Import messages.
  • Choose “Windows Live Mail” from the list and hit the “Next” button.
  • Click the “browse” option and select the folder in which the output data is located.
  • Click the “Next” button to start the import process.

Wrap Up

In the above section, we provide you with a straightforward solution to export Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail app. This tool is capable of converting Thunderbird contacts, calendars, and tasks to WLM along with their native folder hierarchy. You can use the features of any of this software at your convenience or ease.