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Best Approch to Export Apple Mail to EML Format

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 29-Oct-2022 ~ Apple Mail ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Are you also one of those who are looking for a solution to export Apple Mail to EML format? If yes, then you are on the right page.

Also here you will get complete details to convert the email files by using one of the best solutions.

Before starting the conversion, let’s collect some knowledge about Apple Mail and EML file format.

As we know, Apple Mail stores data in the MBOX file format, that can be read by a wide range of email clients for the Mac, including Outlook and Thunderbird. However, if you are using a Windows operating system, there is a good probability that you will be unable to use it with any email service other than Mozilla Thunderbird.

On the other hand, for single email messages, EML is a global and universal data format that can be stored in a variety of locations. To convert Apple Mail data, it will be preferable if the user did it in EML format rather than a different format.

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Why Do Users Want to Convert Mac Mail to EML File Format?

  • The EML file format is a file extension that is globally recognized.
  • *.eml files are used for Forensic Analysis to obtain all of the email header data included within an email message.
  • If you send specific messages instead of the complete PST file, you can protect the type of privacy of an individual or business without revealing their entire data.
  • EML files are usable with the most popular Windows email service applications (Outlook, Thunderbird, and so on), as well as with Linux systems.
  • The EML files are a flexible file format that may be used for a variety of purposes, both personally and professionally.
  • When using the .eml file format, you can store several values or elements, which can be anything from emails to contact information to notes and even diary entries.

Manual Methods to Export Apple Mail to EML File

In this section, we will demonstrate two manual approaches that are rather simple to utilize. Both methods are described in greater detail below to export Apple Mail to EML Format:

Important Note: Please read all the limitations and restrictions before starting the conversion.

Method 1: By Using Drag and Drop

  1. Open Mac Mail on your Mac OS system.
  2. Next, select the email that you want to export Apple Mail to EML Format.
  3. After that, drag and drop the email on the desktop screen.
  4. Now you will get your email as .eml extensions.

Method 2: By using the “Save As” option

  1. Open Mac Mail to export Apple Mail to EML Format.
  2. Now select the mail that you want to change.
  3. And from the file tab choose the “Save As” option.
  4. Now a window will appear and choose format as “Raw message source” and then click on the “Save” icon.

Manual Methods Limitations and Restrictions

  • users can save multiple emails in EML format at one time.
  • Also, users have to repeat the same procedure again and again for every email.
  • Also, manual methods are a lengthy and time-consuming process.

Perfect Solution to Import Apple Mail to EML File Format

I’ll show you one of the most effective and fantastic solutions to export Apple Mail to EML format, which is the Macxtra Apple Mail Data Converter Tool, to solve these difficulties. The extraordinary and one-of-a-kind algorithms used in the creation of the Apple Mail to EML converter. This tool converts data in an easy, rapid, and secure manner. Furthermore, the Mac Mail to EML converter allows you to convert an unlimited amount of data at a time without having any difficulties. Furthermore, the software is compatible with all Mac OS platforms.

Traits of the Application to Export Apple Mail to EML Files

  • Bulk Conversion: Users can easily convert the huge and unlimited Apple Mail data at one time without any hassle.
  • Preserve Email Header Metadata and Quality: The Mac Mail to EML converter preserves all email header metadata like Bcc, Cc, To, Date, Attachments, Images, hyperlinks, etc. also email quality is preserved.
  • Desired Saving Location: Also, users can save the converted EML file at the desired destination.
  • File Naming Option: By using the file naming option, users can easily manage their converted data via Subject, From, and Date – Subject + Date (dd-mm-yyyy), From + Subject + Date (dd-mm-yyyy), etc.
  • Maintain Formatting & Folder Hierarchy: Also, the Mac Mail to EML converter can maintain all Formatting & Folder Hierarchy without any changes.

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Steps to Change Apple Mail Emails to EML File

  1. Install and run the software on your Mac OS device.
  2. Now upload the Apple Mail data by using “Convert Configured Apple Mail Mailboxes Data” OR “Let Me Select My Apple Mail Mailboxes Data” options.

    upload the Apple Mail data to export Apple Mail to EML format

  3. All the files and folders will show on the software’s panel, now choose the required files and folders.

    All the files and folders will show

  4. Now from the “Select Saving Option”, choose “EML” from the list. And browse the saving location and apply the “File Naming Option“.

    Select Saving Option choose EML to export Apple Mail to EML format

  5. Lastly, press the “Export” button to start the procedure.

    “Export” button to start the procedure to export Apple Mail to EML format

As you can see, it is quite straightforward. This tool is the most well-known utility, and I promise you that you will not find these incredible capabilities in any other brand’s software.

Please Read Me: The Mac Mail to EML converter is available as a free trial version. So, users can download the trial version of the software and see how it operates. However, users can only convert up to 25 emails into a limited number of file types when using the demo version. Purchase the licensed version if you want to convert numerous files and folders at the same time.

Time to Say Goodbye

Finally, as you can see above, we covered every step of the process to export Apple Mail to EML Format, both with sophisticated software and manually. Manual approaches are appropriate for certain data. If you want to convert a large amount of data from Mac Mail. You should utilize a professional solution that offers a variety of useful features. Additionally, users can obtain a download of the demo version. I hope you enjoyed reading the post.