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Delete Multiple Emails in CenturyLink Webmail Securely

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 29-Aug-2022 ~ Clean Up Emails ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Is your CenturyLink account running out of space? The only way to solve this issue is to delete many of the emails, but the procedure seems to be lengthy since eliminating useless emails while ignoring vital ones takes time. If this is the case, allow us to help you in making the procedure as simple as possible by providing you with one of the easiest methods to delete multiple emails in CenturyLink.

The Consequences of Keeping a Large Volume of Unnecessary Email in CenturyLink

  • Inability to receive or send mail owing to a lack of account space: While we accumulate millions of emails, our account capacity gradually fills up, resulting in issues such as not receiving emails and experiencing errors when sending emails.
  • Sync Error: If your account space is completely depleted, you may potentially encounter synchronization difficulties. When you begin to sync your Centurylink email with desktop email software like Outlook, you may encounter errors while doing so.
  • Eliminate Interference: When your inbox is clogged with irrelevant messages, it’s impossible to find what you’re looking for or to see your daily responsibilities in a CenturyLink. Deleting all emails on CenturyLink enables you to focus on more critical responsibilities.

Thus, these are some of the negative consequences of maintaining thousands of unnecessary emails on your account, all of which may be handled by deleting them. Therefore, review the finest strategy below to efficiently complete your assignment.

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The Quickest Way to Delete Multiple Emails in CenturyLink Webmail

MacXtra EmailRaser is a tool that is capable of converting such a complex work into one of the simplest. The program is meant to remove numerous, outdated, duplicate, all, and specified emails, as well as attachments. It is the most efficient CenturyLink email eraser application that enables you to manage the whole process and use different filters to selectively remove emails. We’ve included step-by-step instructions below to help you understand how the tool works, so please have a look.

Step-by-step Guide to Delete Multiple Emails on CenturyLink

  • Download the CenturyLink email Eraser tool for your Mac device using the link above. To delete multiple emails in CenturyLink, you must then install and execute it.
    start the centurylink email eraser tool
  • To connect your CenturyLink account to the programme, you must input your CenturyLink email address and password.
    add centurylink account to the tool
  • Now indicate the folders that you want to delete from your CenturyLink account with a check mark. You have the option of selecting everything or only what you need.
    select the folders to delete
  • You may remove emails using a variety of criteria, such as a date range to eliminate emails from a specified time period.
    apply filters
  • By hitting the start erase button, you may begin erasing. Once all of the selected emails or files have been deleted, you will be notified.
    start erase button to delete multiple emails in centurylink

As a result, the program can remove CenturyLink emails with this degree of simplicity. Following the procedure, the next thing you should know about the tool is its advanced feature, which allows you to do your work with even greater ease and speed. So, go over them.

Discover Some Advanced Functions of the CenturyLink Email Eraser Tool

  • Batch Mode When Deleting: The tool does not limit you to deleting all account folders at once. The tool can delete multiple emails in CenturyLink in batch mode.
  • Folder Selection: When you add a Centurylink account to the tool, all associated folders are uploaded to the tool. Here you can select the folders that you want to delete and save.
  • Select Email Field: If you only want to delete specific fields emails from your entire account, you can apply email field filters. You can select To, Cc, From, Subject, and Body to clean up emails.
  • Select Email Data: You can also apply a period to delete emails from that time. You need to apply start and end dates so you can only delete emails from that period while saving others.
  • OS Compatibility: The tool is compatible with both Mac operating systems and Windows. Additionally, you can use any of their versions to delete multiple emails in CenturyLink Webmail.


We’ve shown you how to delete multiple emails in CenturyLink webmail most efficiently and effectively possible. The CenturyLink email eraser tool is an all-in-one solution that offers several advantages. Without having to go through a lot of hassle, you may use filters to delete particular emails. It also comes with a demo version, which we strongly encourage you to use. As a result, we can say that the tool should be used if you wish to erase Centurylink emails quickly and easily.