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How to convert PST to MBOX On Mac?

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 27-Oct-2022 ~ Outlook, Pst ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Today in this write-up, I will explain your most searched query on the internet “convert PST to MBOX on mac”.

When it comes to PST to MBOX windows conversion, there is a plethora of material available on the internet. But, finding information for Mac users might be tough.

Outlook is a well-known email program for sending and receiving emails, as we all know. Emails, contacts, calendars, notes, and other data are all stored in Outlook. And Microsoft Outlook saves all data in PST file format. Which is also a very popular file format.

But the main problem is PST file is only accepted by Outlook. There is no other email client which accepts PST files. So due to these issues users want to convert PST to MBOX on mac.

Before beginning the conversion, let’s look at the user inquiry regarding the motivations behind the need to convert Outlook.pst to MBOX format.

User Queries

“Hello there, I’ve been using Windows for the past 3 years, and I’ve been using Outlook as my email client. However, I recently purchased a MacBook, and I’ve begun using Apple Mail. However, because all of my critical data is housed in Outlook, I would like to export all of the data from Outlook to an MBOX. Please provide me with a fantastic answer to convert PST to MBOX on mac.”

“Hey, although my Outlook was damaged just yesterday, thank goodness I had made a backup of everything in an Outlook.pst file. As an alternative, I use Apple Mail for my professional work, and I’m considering converting my Outlook PST file to Apple Mail MBOX format. Could someone please guide me with the same?”

Reasons to Convert Outlook PST File into MBOX

  1. Outlook creates a PST file that only Outlook accepts. No other email client supports PST. However, many email clients accept MBOX files.
  2. A complicated application, Outlook is. This is a corporate organizer containing tasks, contacts, calendars, and more. Personal email accounts don’t require as many features. That’s why people select easy-to-learn mail services.
  3. Outlook is a purchased item. You need to buy it after the trial version. This is one of the reasons users utilize alternative free email services.

Perfect Solution to Convert Outlook .pst to MBOX

The MacXtra Outlook PST file converter is a highly rated and widely used software to convert PST to MBOX on Mac OS. Users can convert several PST files at the same time thanks to the software’s remarkable and one-of-a-kind features. The software also features an easy-to-use interface that is appropriate for both technical and non-technical users. Examples of extraordinary qualities include the following:

Advanced Capabilities of PST to MBOX Converter

  • No Outlook Installation Required: The software can easily convert PST files without Outlook. Yes, without Outlook installation and any third-party software to change the Outlook PST file.
  • Compatible with All Mac OS: The PST to MBOX converter is suitable with all mac OS from 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite, OS X Capitan 10.11 El, etc.
  • Bulk Conversion: Multiple Outlook PST files can be converted with this tool without any problem.. Also, users can convert selected PST files according to their needs to convert PST to MBOX on mac.
  • Browse the Desired Location: Users can simply select their desired destination path to save the converted file according to their needs.
  • Preserve All Components and Quality: Yes, during and after the conversion all the components, elements, and quality are preserved like attachments, images, hyperlinks, videos, formatting, etc.

How to Change PST to MBOX File Without Outlook?

  1. Download the software on your device on your Mac OS system.
  2. Add the PST file with Add File or Folder button.

     Upload the PST file to convert PST to MBOX

  3. The PST file’s whole contents will then be displayed on the screen while you convert it to an MBOX file on a Mac.

    all the data of PST file will appear

  4. Select “MBOX” from the list of options by clicking “Select Saving Option.”

     select saving option and choose MBOX

  5. And browse the destination to save the converted MBOX file.

    browse the destination to convert PST to MBOX

  6. Lastly, click on the “Export” icon to start the process.

     click on the “Export” icon to convert PST to MBOX

The PST to MBOX converter is quite straightforward, as you can see above. In addition, the converter comes with a free demo version. Therefore, consumers can download the free edition to evaluate the software’s capabilities.

However, the software only transforms 25 emails into a limited number of file types. You can purchase licensed versions of Outlook if you want to convert an unlimited amount of data into multiple file formats.

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General Asked Questions

Yes, the PST to MBOX converter preserves all email header metadata like Bcc, Cc and To, Date, subject, etc.
Yes, you must first attach the pen drive to the device and then choose the pen drive as the saving destination during the browse saving location process.
Yes, when all the data appear on the software panel, choose only contacts and convert them.


Lastly, we discussed the approaches that may be used to resolve the most commonly asked question on the internet: how to convert PST to MBOX on Mac. In this article, we discussed an incredible solution that includes complex functionality for converting PST to MBOX without using Outlook. In addition, the software offers a free trial edition that enables customers to immediately grasp how the product functions before making a purchase. I hope you had fun reading the article.