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Convert OST to PDF in Bulk for Backing Up Your .ost Emails

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 28-Dec-2022 ~ OST File ~ 4 Minutes Reading

While Outlook is great for day-to-day email processing, it isn’t necessarily the greatest location to store your data. The default Outlook options for archiving and storing data (OST and PST files) are helpful but not user pleasant. You’ll frequently need to convert OST files to other formats like PDF for archiving, and backups. Therefore, if you like to do the same, allow us to assist you to convert OST to PDF.

PDF is the most frequently used format for saving documents, and it might also be one of the finest solutions for protecting the data in your OST files. So, let’s have a look at some of the reasons why OST files should be converted to PDF.

Reasons to Convert OST to PDF Portable Format

  • A PDF document may be used to correctly see the document that is required.
  • During file sharing, it is possible to distribute a PDF file in a secure manner.
  • The primary benefit of PDF is that it is a file format that works across several platforms.
  • PDF files are useful for providing content on both a cross-platform and a non-editable basis.
  • The printable PDF is extremely useful for preserving the layout of documents.
  • PDF documents are often used to store legal documents because of their portability.
  • It will save bulk email messages as well as any attachments they include.
  • It has the ability to open .pdf files that contain hyperlinks, pictures, and other non-text components.

So these are some of the advantages of PDF that make it the greatest alternative for storing our OST data while looking for a platform. Thus, in order to enable you to export OST to PDF, we give the best option. Consider your final solution.

An Effortless Method for Converting OST File to PDF

The MacXtra OST Converter is a powerful tool to convert OST to PDF. Using OST to PDF Converter free, you may convert .ost to PDF format without creating an Exchange profile or connecting to an Exchange Server. This master utility is being designed with the user’s needs in mind. It offers a variety of user-friendly choices for effortless conversion. Furthermore, it offers a free trial version, which you may use to evaluate the software’s performance.

  • To begin using the OST to PDF converter, you must first download it on your Windows or Mac computer. Following that, you’ll need to install and execute it.
  • When you launch the programme, you’ll see two options: Add Files and Add Folders. Select one of these to begin uploading OST to the tool.
    click add files to upload ost to the tool
  • After browsing the OST files, they will appear on the tool’s interface.
    uploaded ost files
  • Now you must pick the PDF option for saving, select the location of the resulting files, and click the save.
    select pdf click export to convert ost to pdf

That is the proper way to utilise the programme to export OST to PDF.

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Discover Additional Information About the .ost File to PDF Converter

  • Batch Conversion: This tool to convert OST to PDF saves you a lot of time. You don’t have to repeat the process since you may transfer several OST files / folders at once.
  • File Naming: Even after the files have been transformed, this programme will make your work easier. Yes, you can quickly locate the files after converting since you may rename them to your liking.
  • Standalone: OST to PDF converter is totally self-contained, and you are not need to setup any other settings in order to export OST file to PDF in full size.
  • Compatibility: This software, on the other hand, is compatible with any version of Windows and Mac, regardless of whether it is newer or older.
  • Location Selection: OST to PDF converter free does not require you to store the resulting PST files to a download folder or a predefined destination; rather, it lets you to choose your own location.

Note: One of the tool’s finest features is that it includes a free trial version. Yes, you may test it out for free if you wish to familiarise yourself with the programme and its features before obtaining a licence key. As a result, we highly advise you to begin with the trial edition.


The .ost to PDF Converter is one of the best techniques for converting OST file to PDF. This programme is really simple to use and may accomplish your objective quickly and effortlessly owing to its automated operations. It is quite effective and also unique in that it provides several benefits. Therefore, if you are time constrained and need an engaging experience, this tool is a must-try.