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Convert OLM to ICS By Preserving all Components

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 08-Jun-2023 ~ OLM File ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Do you have no idea how to convert OLM to ICS Mac? If yes then you are on the right page.

As we know OLM is the Mac database file that stores emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes. It is not possible to move the calendar from Mac Outlook to Windows since Windows does not accept OLM files. To view the calendar in an alternative email service on Windows, you must convert OLM to ICS.

“Hello there I’ve been using Outlook for Mac for the past five years, and I’d like to export the calendar data from Outlook for Mac to a Windows email client. As a result, I export calendar data from Outlook for Mac to the OLM file format for storage. However, the difficulty is that the OLM file is not accepted by Windows. So, I did a lot of searching and discovered that calendar data is kept in the ICS file format for Windows. But I have no idea how to convert the OLM to ICS file format. Could you please provide me with a good solution?”

As you can see above, users are facing these kinds of problems to convert OLM to ICS file format. If you are one of those who are looking for the same query. Then don’t worry, here I will show you the best and finest solution to convert OLM to iCalendar.

But before starting, the conversion has a look at both file formats.

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OLM File Format

The OLM file is associated with the Mac Outlook email service, as the Mac Outlook 2011, and 2016, email apps allow you to export your information to the OLM file format. Email messages, email folders, contacts, calendars, notes, journals, attachments, and other information can be stored in an OLM file.

ICS File Format

The iCalendar file is an ICS file that stores calendar details like events, summaries, start and end times, locations, etc. in plain text. An iCalendar file may email meeting invitations and tasks. ICS is a globally accepted file format for holding calendar data.

How to Convert OLM to iCalendar?

The most powerful and reliable solution is the Macxtra OLM file converter tool to convert OLM to ICS file format. The Outlook OLM files to ICS converter comes with the best and most sophisticated features like there are no file size restrictions during the conversion. Also, users can convert multiple OLM files at one time.

Advanced Features of Software

  • Users can convert multiple OLM files at one time to convert OLM to ICS.
  • The OLM to ICS converter preserves all components during the conversion like events, places, meetings, invitations, and other things.
  • This software easily and quickly converts the OLM file calendar into ICS file format which is a universally accepted file format, also users can access the ICS file format on any device or from anywhere.
  • It allows users to save the converted files at their desired location.
  • Also, this software supports OLM files of all Outlook versions like 2019, 2016, and 2011.

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How to Transfer OLM to ICS?

  1. Download and install the software on your pc to convert OLM to ICS.

    Download and install OLM to ics converter

  2. And choose the OLM file format by the “Add file” and “Add Folder” options.

    select the OLM file

  3. And then click on “Select Saving Option” and choose the “ICS” option from the drop-down.

     click on the “select saving option”

  4. Next, browse the location where you want to save the file.
  5. And click on the “Export” icon to start the procedure.

As you can see, any file conversion is difficult, but this tool works quickly to complete the OLM to ICS conversion. In addition, this software provides demo versions of the software that it provides. Now is a good time to download the software and observe how it operates to convert OLM to ICS.


Finally, above we explained everything about how to convert OLM to ICS file format by using one of the best and most sophisticated solutions. Which comes with the amazing features mentioned above. Also, this tool allows a free trial to see how the software works. So, without wasting time, go and download the software by the download button. Hope you like the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I export Outlook for Mac calendar data?

    Here we will show you the easiest steps to export your Mac Outlook calendar data.

    Step 1: open “Outlook for Mac” and click on the File tab.

    Step 2: Now choose the “export” option from the drop-down.

    Step 3: Next select the calendar or other data which you want to export and click on the continue icon.

    Step 4: Now browse the destination and click on the save icon to export the data.

  • Can I export data without an internet connection with this OLM to an ICS converter?

    Yes, there is no need for an internet connection.

  • Can I change 500+ OLM files at one time?

    Yes, you can convert multiple OLM files at one time without any restrictions.