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How to Batch Convert OLM to EML Files with All Attachments?

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 24-Aug-2022 ~ OLM File ~ 5 Minutes Reading

There are many situations comes where users want to convert OLM to EML files. In this write-up, we will show some techniques to export outlook OLM to EML files. Also, here we will show you how to Export Mac Outlook Emails into EML.

As we know EML is a common file type for email attachments. Many email clients accept. EML files for data viewing. Other names include SeaMonkey and Thunderbird. Servers and other services as well as mail clients utilize the EML file type.

“I prefer Mac Outlook as my primary email service, and it is where I save all of my crucial information. The issue is that I am unable to view my Mac Outlook OLM file from any platform other than the Mac platform. I travel a lot and would like to be able to view my OLM file using email accounts that are based on Windows. Please, someone, provide a way for me to follow to do this assignment.”

“Hello there, I’ve been using Outlook for Mac for the past three years, and it’s where I keep all of my crucial data. However, I’d like to move from Outlook for Mac to a free email client for the time being. But I haven’t decided where I’m going to put the data yet. So, I want to save everything as an EML file because the EML file format is accessible and supported by a variety of email clients. But I’m not sure how can I convert the OLM file to an EML file. Please recommend the best software for me.”

To solve these kinds of queries, we are here with a unique solution.

User’s Needs to Export Mac Outlook Emails into EML

  • Emails can be accessed from any device, whether it’s a desktop email client or a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Throughout an important topic, it is useful to share Mac Outlook emails with other people.
  • An Outlook email can be attached to a message and sent to numerous recipients after the conversion is complete.

Before we begin the conversion, we’ll have a look at how to manually export data from the Outlook for Mac application. So, that we can Data can be quickly converted into the EML file format.

How to Export OLM File?

  1. First, open the Outlook email client on your mac system and click on the “File” tab>> Export option.
  2. Now select all data that you want to export like mails, contacts, calendar, and other things, and click on next.
  3. Lastly, select the “No, do not delete items” option and click on the right icon.
  4. Now browse the desired location to save the converted data and press on the Save icon.
  5. After the conversion click on the Done icon.

The Best Solution to Convert OLM file to EML File

Batch Macxtra OLM converter is the perfect and most efficient tool to convert OLM to EML online. Also, this software comes with the best and sophisticated features like dual options to load the OLM file, it can convert OLM file data into EML File in bulk and some other features are listed below:

Capabilities of OLM to EML Converter

  • This software provides you dual options to load the OLM file data by “Add Files” and “Add Folder” options.
  • The OLM to EML file converter comes with a user-friendly interface for both non-technical and technical users.
  • Also, there is no need to install Outlook for the Mac application.
  • The software allows users to convert OLM files with all attachments and users can export OLM contacts as CSV and vCard and calendars as ICS standard file format.
  • Users have the power to save the converted file at their desired place.
  • The software provides a demo version of this tool with limited features and conversion.

How to Convert OLM Files into EML Files in Bulk?

  1. Download and run the software on your pc.

    Download and run the OLM to EML converter

  2. Next, select the OLM file from the “Add Files” and “Add Folders” options.

    select the OLM file

  3. Now all the data will appear on the screen.
  4. Next click on the “Select Saving Option”.

     click on the “select saving option”

  5. And choose the “EML” file from the drop-down and apply the “File Naming Option” filter.

    choose “EML” file

  6. And click on the Convert icon.

Client Reviews

“This is the best and most fantastic tool available. Seriously, I purchased this product three months ago and it has shown to be extremely effective. Thank you MacXtra for the best converter. – Marley – the US

“I ordered this product to Export Mac Outlook Emails into EML, which consisted of over 700+ emails. I was concerned that it might not be capable of converting such a large amount of data. However, I was mistaken. This converter can export all my data quickly and seamlessly in a matter of minutes. Amazing man, thank you very much for providing the best product. – Nearly from Brazil

Time to Say Goodbye

Finally, we’ve covered every step of the process of converting OLM to EML utilizing one of the best and most highly rated software tools to Export Mac Outlook Emails into EML. The OLM to EML converter is equipped with sophisticated features that make it possible to export data without errors. So, Try out the software by downloading the trial version and seeing how it works for yourself. I hope you enjoyed reading the post.