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Convert EML to MBOX in Bulk Using Several Convenient Methods

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 27-Dec-2022 ~ EML File ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Do you wish to convert EML to MBOX files and aren’t sure how to go about it? If that’s the case, any of your answers may be found right here on this blog. Yes, it includes not only one but several techniques to export emails in *.eml format to MBOX for free. So, if you want to learn all of these strategies, let’s get started…

EML to MBOX conversion is straightforward, but it necessitates the use of an email client such as Thunderbird, which you can set up for free. Yes, you may convert EML to MBOX Mac or Windows using this intermediate.

So, if you’re using such an email client, let’s get started on how you may use EML, MBOX, and Thunderbird to complement one another.

How to Convert EML to MBOX Using an Email Client (Manual Explanation)

To use this manual method, you must first drag and drop your .eml files into your email program to convert them to .mbox files. This procedure, however, may prove to be rather lengthy, since the time required will rise in direct proportion to the number of EML files you have.

Therefore, first, examine the procedure that you must follow in order to convert EML to MBOX-free.

Import EML to Mozilla Thunderbird using Drag and Drop to Create MBOX

  • In Thunderbird, choose the EML import folder. This can be an Inbox folder. Right-click it and choose New Folder…
  • In the resulting box, input the name of the folder to be created, for example, EML Files, then click the Create Folder button.
  • Then browse to the EML files you want to import into Thunderbird. Drag a file or a collection of files to the new subdirectory in Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • The messages are now in the newly formed Mozilla folder.

Then you must export your newly formed folders to your local disc, so follow the steps carefully.

  • To export the EML folder, right-click it and select ImportExportTools > Export Folder. In the resulting box, specify where you want Thunderbird to save the email folder. Then select a folder. Right-click the mail file after opening the folder on the PC. Rename it and add .mbox at the end.

Thus, this is how you may convert EML to MBOX free on a Mac. However, as you can see, that procedure is somewhat extensive and also needs the use of an email client, which you may have difficulties with if you don’t already have one.

You may, however, defeat this strategy by reviewing the following procedure. The following technique does not involve the usage of an email client. If you have .eml files, it can convert them to .mbox files. Therefore, have a look at the following strategy.

Convert .eml Files to .mbox without using Email Client (Automated Approach)

MacXtra EML Converter is the optimal option for your situation. As implied by its name, it is an EML-specific utility that supports all EML files independent of the email client from which they were extracted. Additionally, it does not require the usage of an email client to convert EML to MBOX and just requires a few simple steps.

  • On your device, download the best EML to MBOX converter. Following that, install and activate it to begin converting EML files to MBOX Thunderbird.
  • Now, you must choose between the Add files and Add folders choices to add EML to the programme.
    click add files option
  • Once you’ve completed picking the EML files, you’ll notice that they’ve been imported into the tool.
    uploaded selected eml files
  • Now you must pick MBOX as the saving format, select the location of your files, and then click the Export.
    select mbox click save to convert eml to mbox

Thus, by following the methods above, you may automate the conversion of EML to MBOX. Now easily Import EML files to Apple Mail.

Now that you’re aware that this .eml to .mbox converter is effective due to the fact that it requires only a few simple actions, let’s learn about the other benefits you can obtain from it. Therefore, please read them out below.

Find Some Traits of the Best EML to MBOX Converter

  • It enables unrestricted batch convert EML to MBOX.
  • .eml to .mbox converter provides two modes for selecting and uploading EML files.
  • Supports all email files, regardless of the client from which they were extracted.
  • EML to MBOX Converter allows you to specify the location of the generated files.
  • It is compatible with all versions of the Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • It is totally self-contained and does not require any additional configuration.

In Conclusion

We have provided you with excellent methods to convert EML to MBOX. The first strategy necessitates the usage of an email client, but the second does not require an intermediary. Therefore, you may evaluate both of them and the processes involved with them and then choose which one is ideal for you.