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How to Batch Convert ODT to PDF Files on Mac?

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 18-May-2022 ~ ODT Files ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: This article describes one of the most remarkable ways to convert ODT files to PDF in a batch in a few simple steps while retaining the data integrity and attributes. So, if you’re seeking for a solution to the identical problem, it’s worth reading this post.

Both formats have comparable characteristics. The fundamental distinction between the two formats is that PDF is often used for data display rather than data storage. But on the other hand, ODT is often exclusively utilized for data storage. PDF is more extensively used and popular than ODT.

Advantages of Batch PDF to ODT Open Source Conversion

  • PDF is the file format that provides its customers with a superior means of storing vital info. So, if you opt to retain your ODT file data, you can enjoy several advantages.
  • These files cannot be edited and cannot be manually modified. Therefore, data manipulation will not be as simple as feasible.
  • These formats are suitable for storing vast amounts of data in a single file; therefore, if you have many ODT files, you may combine them into a single PDF file.

These are some of the most important advantages of PDF that you may enjoy while maintaining your ODT files. Thus, we provide a straightforward method to batch convert .odt to .pdf.

The Easiest Approach to Batch Convert ODT to PDF

MacXtra ODT File Converter is the most effective tool to change documents from .odt to PDF. This ODT to PDF converter is meant to make the conversion as simple as possible for you, so you can enjoy the process without finding it complicated or time-consuming. It offers a number of features that may help you change an ODT document in an open office to a PDF effectively, as well as a simple conversion procedure that can be completed fast. Examine the procedure outlined below to comprehend how the instrument operates.

Checkout Easy Steps to Save an ODT File as a PDF

  • Download the ODT files to PDF converter on your mac device. Install and run it after downloading to open Office batch convert ODT to PDF.
    start the tool to batch convert odt to pdf
  • When the ODT to PDF batch converter starts, click Add files or Add folders to pick and upload all of the required ODT files.
    add odt files to the odt files to pdf converter
  • After all of the selected ODT files have been updated on the program, you must choose which ones to convert.
    select the files to convert
  • Now, among the various options available, choose the option to save as a PDF.
    choose pdf as saving option
  • Browse the place for keeping your resultant files and then tap on the save button to change an ODT to PDF.
    select location for files
  • When all of the ODT files have been converted, a notification will appear on the tool’s screen.
    conversion completion

Some Functions of the ODT Files to PDF Converter

  • Conversion in Bulk: You may save ODT into PDF in bulk and at once. The program’s capacity to choose and convert files is endless.
  • Complete Data Transfer: You may use this program to batch convert ODT to PDF in its entirety. Any property, including attachments and contacts, may be converted into PDF.
  • OS Support: The ODT to PDF batch converter is compatible with all versions of Mac OS X. As a result, you will not be required to upgrade your system.
  • Standalone: There is no additional software required to batch print .odt to PDF. It is self-sufficient and capable of performing activities on its own.
  • Safe and Secure: The utility is completely safe and secure, ensuring the integrity of all your data during the conversion process. As a result, you can be confident that none of your data will be corrupted.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t want to preserve your data in ODT format and instead want to convert it to PDF, our recommended ODT files to PDF converter is the best option for you. This program was created specifically to convert your ODT files. It contains several features that may be used for a variety of purposes. One of its major advantages is the short time it takes to batch convert ODT to PDF. So, if you want easily accomplish your task, give the tool a go.