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Batch Convert ODT to DOCX Files in Few Simple Steps

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 19-May-2022 ~ ODT Files ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: Do you wish to batch convert ODT to DOCX? If so, you may do it right here on this page. We stayed with the solution that has an infinite capacity to convert ODT to DOCX without Microsoft Word. Keep an eye on the blog if you wish to learn about that solution.

ODT files are quite good and are frequently used by users. However, they lack several of the functionality included in Word documents. For example, DOCX may be opened with almost any programme, but ODT can be opened with Open Office and LibreOffice, among others.

There are a variety of other tasks that may be completed, but only with the Word document and not with the ODT format. We provide you with the best choice to batch bulk convert ODT to DOCX so that you may put these functionalities to use for your data.

A Feature-Rich Method to Batch Convert ODT to DOCX

The MacXtra ODT file converter is the most efficient and user-friendly solution to convert ODT to DOC format. It focuses on ODT files and seeks to convert their information to other formats, such as DOCX. It is compatible with all Mac-compatible devices and contains several features designed to make your conversions more efficient and suitable. Please follow the instructions below to learn how to convert .odt files to .docx Mac using the programme. Also, batch convert ODT to PDF format using the application.

Step-by-step Guide to Batch Convert ODT Files to DOCX

Note: There is a free demo version of the tool available. You may convert an OST file to DOCX to a limited degree using this free version. You may purchase the tool’s licence key for limitless conversion once you’ve learned all about it.

  • First, Download the ODT file to DOCX converter on your mac device. After that Install and start it to batch convert ODT to DOCX.
    download the tool to convert odt to docx
  • When the ODT to DOCX batch converter starts, choose and upload all of the relevant ODT files by clicking Add files or Add folders.
    add files to the odt to docx converter
  • After the application has updated all of the specified ODT files, you must decide which ones to convert.
    select files for conversion
  • Choose the option to save as DOCX from the list of available alternatives.
    select saving option as docx
  • Choose a location for your resulting files and then hit the save button to convert an ODT to a DOCX.
    select location for files
  • A notification will display on the tool’s screen after all of the ODT files have been converted.
    conversion completion

Find Some Traits of the ODT File to DOCX Converter

  • File Selection Option: Depending on the amount of your data, the programme will provide you with two alternatives for selecting your ODT data. You may either pick a single ODT or, if you have a big number of files, you can upload the entire folder to the tool at once.
  • Mass Conversion: This tool fits your fundamental requirements. It has the ability to batch convert ODT to DOCX. The utility has no limitations; you may convert as many files as you like at the same time and in the same procedure.
  • Complete Conversion: This ODT to DOC converter can convert all of the components in your ODT files. The ODT can be allocated not just text but also visuals, attachments. As a result, this programme transforms them all at once.
  • Supported Operating Systems: The ODT file to DOCX converter works with all versions of Mac OS X. As a direct consequence of this, you will not be needed to make any system upgrades.


We’ve shown you how to batch convert ODT to DOCX files in the most efficient method feasible. The ODT to DOCX converter is the fastest and easiest way to convert .odt files to.docx Mac. It has a demo version that you may download for free. Following that, you may purchase the licence key for limitless conversion. So, download the tool and start bulk converting your files.