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Steps to Transfer Yahoo Mail Folders to Mac OS Machine

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 28-Jul-2022 ~ Yahoo Email ~ 4 Minutes Reading

“Hi, I have been using Yahoo for the past few years. Thus, my account has large email data that are very confidential and I need to have a backup of those files. I searched a lot to transfer Yahoo Mail folders to Mac. I would like to move all the email files at once without any conversion or changes to the email files. Please suggest an application for the same.”

The above scenario is one of the most common issues faced by Yahoo users. Finding an appropriate toolkit to work on the emails is challenging. Therefore, here we are with the best solution for Mac users. Export all the folders from Yahoo Mail account locally to Mac.

About Yahoo Mail 

Yahoo! is an internet portal with a Search engine. Yahoo! Mail is an email service that was launched by the American corporation Yahoo in October 1997. Yahoo Mail offers a massive 1TB of free storage to its subscribers. The Yahoo Mail app is nearly identical to the Gmail app. Even if you did need more, Yahoo doesn’t offer any additional storage alternatives. Thus, export Yahoo Emails to Mac hard drive to save up space.

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Manually Transfer Yahoo Mail Folders to Mac

The common method to get the emails from the Yahoo Mail account is using the Mac Mail application. Presumably, every Mac user uses Apple Mail as one of the mailing applications. Thus, configure Yahoo Mail on the Apple Mail application and transfer Yahoo Mail folders to Mac OS.

  1. Start the Application Mail and Go to the Preference option in the Menu.
  2. Go to the Account tab and hit the + button. Now, enter Yahoo in the box.
  3. Then, enter the Yahoo Email address from where the emails should be extracted. Also, enter your full name.
  4. Enter the below-given details:
  • User Name
  • Yahoo Account password
  • Incoming Mail server Details.
  1. Enter 993 in the port detail box after clicking the Advanced button.
  2. Click on the Save button on the pop-up screen.

Quick Solution to Transfer Yahoo Mail Folders to Mac

From the steps of the manual procedure, it is understandable that the user must have some technical knowledge. Therefore, download the application Yahoo Backup Software for Mac. Export Yahoo emails to Mac hard drive directly without any conversion. Set up any required file format and then transfer the Yahoo email files or folder – Inbox, Send, Draft, etc. in the same.

  • Launch the tool on Mac and enter the credentials of your Yahoo account.

Use the tool to Transfer Yahoo Mail Folders to Mac

  • Press the login button to move further. Soon a tab will appear on the screen.
  • Then, choose the required folder to transfer. Select any saving options and destination to store the folder to Mac.
  • For selective migration go Yahoo emails, go to filter Options and enter the desired field to filter out the emails.
  • At last, press the Start Backup button at the bottom to initiate the process to transfer Yahoo Mail emails to Mac.

Test the Free Trial Version

Get the free demo package to test the tools before purchasing. It will give a platform for the user to export Yahoo emails to Mac for free with a limitation of 25 email files. All the features are included in the Demo version for the user.

Final Verse

In conclusion, as explained in the article user are free to opt for the desired method to transfer Yahoo Mail folders to Mac OS. In both cases, the results are the same with minor limitations. For those who want a quick result then obviously the automated or the third-party tool is the one.

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