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Transfer Rediffmail to Outlook Account on Mac or Windows

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 24-Mar-2023 ~ Rediffmail Email ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for a way to transfer Rediffmail to Outlook but can’t seem to find one? If yes, we are certain that you will find all of your answers here. This post has all of the information you need. As a result, we welcome you to spend some of your time with us downloading Rediffmail emails to Outlook.

It will give one of the most important advantages when it comes to downloading emails from Rediffmail to Outlook email clients. As a consequence, we’ve selected a handful of them to demonstrate how such a move may benefit you.

Why Should You Import Mails from Rediffmail to Outlook

  • Outlook is currently preferred over Rediffmail email for business purposes.
  • Outlook, in comparison to Rediffmail, provides a lot more features, like Sweep.
  • It provides a far more organized Inbox as compared to Rediffmail mail.
  • You may manage several email accounts in Outlook. As a result, if you have many email clients, you may manage them all from a single location.

These are some of the reasons why you should keep and use your data in Outlook rather than Rediffmail. As a consequence, we offer you the best approach for adding Rediffmail to Outlook

An Advantageous Way to Transfer Rediffmail to Outlook

The Email Backup Wizard is the most dependable and simple solution to download all mails from Rediffmail to Outlook. It’s quick and easy to use, and you may convert as many folders as you like at the same time with it. The procedure of converting Rediffmail Pro to Outlook is fairly simple and only requires a few steps. So, familiarise yourself with the procedure first to see how the tool functions.

Note: The utility includes a demo version. This version enables you to evaluate the tool prior to obtaining the license key. You may test its operation and even transfer part of your Rediffmail data to Outlook. As a result, we recommend that you begin with the free version of the program.

Easy Steps to Download Old Mails from Rediffmail to Outlook

  • Download the Rediffmail to Outlook Converter, install it, and run it. Once the tool’s screen displays, you must enter your Rediffmail credentials.
    enter rediffmail credentials
  • Following that, you must pick the folders that you wish to add to Outlook, as well as the PST saving option.
    select pst as saving option
  • Navigate to the place where you want to store your resultant files. Filters may be used to migrate data selectively. When you’re finished, press the Save button.
    apply filters click save to transfer rediffmail to outlook

You may manually import your files into your Outlook once you’ve saved them to the selected location. That’s how you utilize the tool to transfer Rediffmail to Outlook. We’d like to discuss some of its aspects with you now to show why this strategy is perfect for you.

Find More about the Rediffmail Email to Outlook Converter

  • Bulk Data Conversion: This program will save you a lot of time. This is because you may transfer Rediffmail to Outlook in bulk. You don’t need to repeat the procedure; just choose the folders and convert them all at once.
  • Conversion of Selected Folders: It is not necessary to convert all folders to Outlook. After adding the account and seeing all the folders, you may pick and deselect them before converting them.
  • Convert with All Data: This tool enables you to convert not just emails but also attachments, contacts, calendars, and other attributes simultaneously.
  • Browse Preferred Place: This program enables you to store your files in the location of your choosing. You will not be compelled to store your files in a certain folder.
  • Advanced Filters: You may use a variety of filters to get the desired outcome. You may use a date range to convert certain emails and do a variety of other tasks.

In Conclusion

We’ve outlined the optimal way to transfer Rediffmail to Outlook. The Rediffmail Pro to Outlook converter is an extremely effective solution that requires just three simple actions. Additionally, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. As a consequence, it is capable of adding Rediffmail emails to Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows. As such, we strongly encourage you to try the tool to get your job done in the easiest way possible. At last, you should also note that you may same use the same software to transfer Rediffmail to Gmail and other accounts as well.