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Split VCF into Multiple Files Manually & Automatically in Easy Steps

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 23-Jan-2023 ~ vCard File ~ 4 Minutes Reading

While VCF files are excellent for keeping several contacts, their capacity to do so becomes a constraint for you sometime. This is because if your files contain many critical contacts, you cannot share them with anybody without also disclosing the other contacts. However, if you can split VCF into multiple files, you may be able to remedy your difficulties.

Therefore, if splitting the vCard into many contacts is also your concern and you want a very simple-to-use technique, we’re happy to oblige. Thus, let us begin by presenting you with the very best method to split vCard into multiple contacts files.

Numerous Techniques to Split vCard into Multiple Files

The first approach we’ll cover is the manual procedures that you can do on your Windows device. The process, however, is laborious and may take an extended period of time. Therefore, you begin by examining the process and its capabilities.

The Manual Approach to Split VCF into Multiple Files

Initial Phase: Convert VCF to Windows Contacts 

  • To begin, navigate to C:Users%username%Contacts and select the Import option.
  • Select the vCard option from the ‘Import to Windows Contact’ dialogue box and click Import.
  • Navigate to the location of the.vcf file in the ‘Select a vCard File for Import’ box.
  • Then, double-click the file to pick it and then click the OK button.
  • Now, properties windows will open one by one for each contact. Make the required modifications and click the OK button.

End Phase: Consolidating All Windows Contacts into a Single VCF File

  • Now, under Windows Contacts, click the Export button. Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the files one at a time to make multiple choices.
  • Select vCard from the ‘Export Windows Contacts’ dialogue box (folder of .vcf files).
  • Then, select the Export option to split VCF into multiple files.
  • Following that, navigate to the folder in which the vCard contacts will be kept.
  • After that, click the OK button.
  • All contacts in a *.vcf file will now be saved to separate VCF files.


  • Saving each contact individually to Windows Contacts might take a long time.
  • No guarantee of data integrity. There may be missing or jumbled contact fields.
  • Some stages are technical jargon for many non-technical users.

The Automated Approach to Split VCF file to Multiple Contacts

MacXtra vCard file converter is the most powerful and automatic VCF file splitter available for your type of operation. This program is dedicated to vCard and fixing its associated concerns. Unlike the manual way, it will not subject you to a lengthy or stressful process. It provides only a few simple steps to split VCF into multiple files. Thus, review the methods to familiarise yourself with the vCard splitter.

  • On your devices, download, install, and execute the VCF file splitter.
    launch the tool to split vcf into multiple files
  • Now, click on the Add files or Add folders button to begin uploading your vCard to the tool.
    click add files or add folders to upload files
  • Once the program has uploaded all of the specified VCF files, you can preview them as desired.
    preview vcf files
  • Now you must enable the options, which include splitting a single VCF file into numerous VCF files. Following that, you must go to the desired place and click the save button.
    enable the split files option
  • The process of conversion will now commence. You will be alerted when it is complete.
    conversion process

Thus, the VCF file splitter operates in this manner. There is no need to go through a lengthy or stressful process. All that is required is to choose your chosen VCF and divide it. Now, let’s take a look at some further facts about the vCard file splitter. Therefore, have a peek.

Find More about the VCF file Splitter

  • The VCF file splitter enables you to batch-split VCF into multiple files.
  • The vCard file splitter is Windows and Mac OS X compatible.
  • It enables you to specify the location of the resulting files.
  • Split VCF file to multiple contacts while preserving the integrity of each.
  • Additionally, it functions as a VCF file reader, as it provides a comprehensive glimpse of them.

In Conclusion

We have provided you with some excellent methods to split VCF into multiple files. One of them is manual, which necessitates the use of Windows contacts functions and entails several processes. The other is an automated process that involves only a few steps and is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Thus, you may compare the two and determine which is the better fit.

The software can also Merge VCF Files into One.