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How to Open OLM File on Mac Without Outlook Configuration?

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 17-May-2022 ~ OLM File ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Are you unable to open your OLM file because your Outlook account is not setup. Although such a conflict is genuine, we intend to overcome it in a couple of seconds. We’ve compiled a list of the most efficient ways to open OLM file on Mac without Outlook or another programme. So, if you’re curious about what that answer may be, scroll down the page.

OLM files are recognised to be the Outlook for Mac files. Consequently, they can only be opened with the Mac Outlook account only. However, if you are not connected with an Outlook account, the only option to open an OLM file is to use specific alternative software.

The alternative programme is the only option to access .olm files on Mac without having an Outlook account. As a result, we recommend the one that provides a high level of simplicity and can even open corrupted files if necessary. Take a look at that useful gadget.

An Amazing Way to Open OLM File on Mac Without Outlook

To open OLM file on Mac, use MacXtra OLM viewer, which does not require any Outlook settings. It is an OLM file-specific programme that seeks to open all OLM file properties in numerous preview modes. It is absolutely safe and keeps the file structure intact. As a result, you can be confident that the programme will have no effect on your OLM files or their related characteristics. Follow the instructions below to learn how the programme works and how to access archived OLM files on Mac.

How to Use the Tool to Access .olm Files on Mac?

  • Download the OLM file opener on your Mac-compatible device. Once downloaded, install and start the OLM Viewer to open OLM file on Mac without Outlook.
    download the tool to open olm file on mac without outlook
  • When the tool window appears, click Add File or Add Folder to pick OLM files or a folder containing OLM files, respectively.
    add olm files to the olm file opener tool
  • Using the checkbox, choose the chosen Outlook for Mac OLM folder and click on Email Messages.
    click folder to view file
  • You can now see the files in the folder with information such as From, To, Subject, Sent, Received, and Size of the OLM emails.
    view olm emails

That is how the tool operates. It allows you to access OLM files at this degree of simplicity. Let’s take a closer look at the tool and see what more it has to offer.

Explore More About the OLM File Opener Tool

  • File Selection Option: The tool provides two ways to select OLM files. If you want to upload a large number of OLM files, you may do it either by adding individual files or by adding whole directories.
  • Direct View: Using this tool, you can see OLM files directly without having to launch Outlook on your Mac. You only need to click on the files or folders that have been uploaded to view all of the relevant emails.
  • Check Out All the Data! You can see all the OLM attributes if you use an app to open OLM file on Mac without Outlook. All emails and attachments may be seen with a single click.
  • Device Support: The tool can access OLM files on any device that support Mac OS. If you’re running a supported version of Mac OS X, you can utilise the programme. This includes Mac OS X Yosemite, El Capitan, Mavericks, and Mountain Lion.


One of the most effective methods to open OLM file on Mac without Outlook is to use the OLM file opener programme. The focus of this app is on convenience and simplicity. Because it completes tasks in less time regardless of data volume, this application is effective and efficient. On the other hand, it comes with a slew of advanced features. So all we can say is that if you want to access OLM files quickly and simply, this programme is a must-have.