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Migrate IMAP to Office 365 With All or Selective Mailboxes

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 06-Oct-2022 ~ IMAP Account ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: Migrate IMAP to Office 365 using the simplest and most successful method, which is what this post is all about. It’s well worth your time to read the full post if you’re seeking anything comparable.

Office 365 is becoming the primary choice or requirement for the majority of organizations. Office 365 is more than just an email service; it is a universe of diverse apps that allow customers to accomplish things easily and extraordinarily. Have a look at some Outstanding Elements of O365

IMAP to Office 365: What drew people to do this?

  • By utilizing the Office 365 SaaS model, companies can recover control of their users’ access and devices while also providing them with advanced tools and capabilities.
  • You may engage and stay connected inside the organization more easily and effectively by using many applications that can be accessed on a single platform.
  • Infrastructural elements like security and reliability are all built into Office 365, so users can feel confident using it. In order to keep you safe and secure, changes are made often.

People’s choice to transfer IMAP to Office 365 is influenced by all of these factors. As a consequence, we would like to offer you a solution to perform the migration. Hence, have a look!

How to Migrate IMAP to Office 365?

MacXtra IMAP backup Tool simplifies and leads you through the IMAP migration to Office 365 in a few straightforward steps. The programme is comprehensive and offers a multitude of benefits. It provides a batch conversion option and a few simple steps to migrate IMAP mailbox to Office 365. We will provide you with step-by-step instructions. Therefore, acquainted yourself with it by reviewing it.

Detailed Instructions for Migrating IMAP to Office 365

  • After launching the IMAP mailbox to Office 365 migration tool, the IMAP account credentials must be entered.
    enter imap account credentials
  • Learn the IMAP Host and IMAP Port, then click the button to log in.
    get imap host and port
  • Select the email folder you wish to convert and pick IMAP as the save format.
    select imap as saving option
  • Enter your email address and password for Office 365. Additionally, utilise the Advanced Filter option to backup emails of a certain date and export chosen folders.
    apply filters
  • Then, select Start Backup button. In a few seconds, the IMAP to Office 365 migration will begin, and the programme will tell you when the conversion is complete.
    click backup button to migrate imap to office 365

These are the only steps required thus far to migrate IMAP to Office 365. This appears to be far more convenient, as it involves a few simple steps. Now, we’ll discuss some of the most essential features of the IMAP to Office 365 migration tool. Therefore, examine them to discover more.

The software is also the solution – How to Export IMAP to PST?

Explore Some Characteristics of the Tool

  • Migrate from IMAP to Office 365: You may migrate unlimited IMAP mailboxes to Office 365 all at once. The program’s file selection and conversion capabilities are endless.
  • Complete Data Migration: Using this program, you may add IMAP email messages to Office 365 in their entirety. Attachments and contacts may all be migrated to Office 365.
  • Selective Migration: Users can transfer IMAP to MS O365 on an as-needed basis using this app. You have complete control over which directories to convert and which to leave unchanged.
  • OS Support: It is compatible with every version of Windows and Mac OS X. As a result, you will not be required to upgrade your system.
  • Standalone: To migrate IMAP email accounts to Office 365, no additional software is required. Furthermore, it is self-sufficient and capable of performing duties by itself.


We have provided you with the optimal method to migrate IMAP to Office 365. The IMAP mailbox to Office 365 migration tool is simple to use and requires only a few steps, and it permits the addition of particular folders. Also, it allows you to add IMAP with all attachments in bulk. As a result, we highly advise you to assess your alternatives to efficiently complete your work.