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Directly Migrate iCloud to Office 365 in Bulk Including All Attached Files

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 16-Sep-2022 ~ iCloud Email ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Are you thinking about converting from an iCloud to an Office 365 account? Are you unable to find a straightforward solution that would allow you to transfer your whole data? If you answered yes, you need our assistance. In this post, we’ll assist you in locating the finest option to migrate iCloud to Office 365 and encourage you to use it to address your problem.

While individuals may choose iCloud due to its restricted capabilities, businesses prefer Office 365 subscriptions due to its enhanced functionalities and services. Office 365’s alluring features have enticed every user, and they wish to migrate from iCloud to Office 365, particularly when it comes to the efficiency suites it provides.

What Motivated Users to Import iCloud to Office 365?

  • Businesses may regain control of user access and devices and empower users with sophisticated tools and capabilities by using the Office 365 SaaS model.
  • Multiple applications may be found on a single platform, allowing you to interact and remain connected inside the company more readily and efficiently.
  • Office 365 provides an infrastructure that is professional, secure, and trustworthy.
  • Regular updates are made and it provides you maximum security and reliability.

All of these variables influence people’s decision to switch to Office 365. As a result, we now provide you with a solution that allows you to do so. So have a peek.

An Advantageous Method to Migrate iCloud to Office 365

MacXtra Email Backup Software can move iCloud contacts to Office 365, export iCloud calendar to Office 365, and manage all of your account’s other attributes. It’s a powerful tool that demands very little effort from you. We provide a full approach to migrate iCloud email to Office 365 using the application, so you know exactly what to do.

Note: Please keep in mind that when you download the tool, you will be presented with a demo version. This version allows you to try the tool without having to purchase a licence key. This edition allows you to move iCloud to Office 365 to a limited degree. You may verify its capabilities by using its procedures and functionalities in person

Detailed Instructions for Migrating from iCloud to Office 365

  • On your Mac or Windows device, download the iCloud email to Office 365 converter. Following that, you must install and run it to migrate iCloud to Office 365.
    start icloud email to office 365 converter
  • After running the programme, you must add your iCloud account into it by inputting your iCloud credentials.
    add icloud account to the tool
  • After the application has loaded all of the folders linked with your iCloud account, you must pick Office 365 as the saving
    select office 365 as saving option
  • Following that, you must input your Office 365 email account and password. Apply various filters to get the desired outcome, and then click the Save.
    click save to migrate icloud to office 365
  • The emails will now be exported. It just takes a few seconds and you will be alerted when it is complete.
    migration completion

So, here is how you may transfer iCloud to Office 365 using a solution that seems to be more simple and straightforward. To learn more about the iCloud Mail to Office 365 transfer tool, let’s look at some of its other benefits.

Some Primary Functions of the iCloud to O365 Transfer Tool

  • Batch Migration: The tool offers you a batch mode to migrate iCloud to Office 365. You can transfer multiple folders at the same time in the same process without any limitations.
  • Selective Transfer: You don’t have to transfer entire folders if you don’t want to. The tool allows you to select and deselect folders, allowing you to migrate only the required folder.
  • Full Migration: The tool not only migrate iCloud email to Office 365, but also can migrate iCloud calendar to Office 365 and migrate iCloud contacts to Office 365.
  • Filter Option: The tool offers you several advanced filters for selective migration. You can send emails from a specific time period and do many other things.
  • Device Compatibility: The tool supports to move iCloud to Office 365 on any version of Mac operating systems as well as Windows operating systems.

In Conclusion

You may now migrate iCloud to Office 365 in the simplest manner imaginable. We have provided you with a cutting-edge tool to achieve the same. The iCloud email to Office 365 converter is the most effective method for transferring iCloud account to O365, including all calendar, contacts, and other characteristics. It also has a free trial version that allows you to evaluate its features.