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Import PST to Thunderbird Without in Batch With All Attachments

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 29-Aug-2022 ~ PST File ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Do you desire to import PST to Thunderbird in order to make administration and usage easier? Are you unable to uncover a trustworthy option that will urge you to do so? Not to worry; you will no longer need to search it out, as we have located it for you and are glad to share it with you.

Therefore, before we get to the answer, it’s critical to understand the technical issues that were keeping you from importing PST to Thunderbird; by focusing on those, you’ll be able to complete your task. Therefore, have a look at these.

What are the Criteria That Must be met in order to Import PST to Thunderbird?

  • Well, we must say that, you won’t be able to import PST data files directly into Thunderbird since PST is an Outlook-compatible file format that Thunderbird doesn’t support.
  • As a result, Thunderbird is unable to import Outlook PST since it lacks the necessary capabilities. Only the MBOX format is supported by its import/export features.
  • The only way to open Outlook PST in Thunderbird is to convert them to a Thunderbird-compatible format, which is MBOX.
  • Yes, before importing Outlook PST files into Thunderbird, they must first be converted to their compatible file format.

We provide you with a realistic answer to import PST to thunderbird without Outlook as a consequence of considering this technological difficulty. As such, we urge that you investigate it and its methodology to guarantee that your project is quickly completed.

A Highly Efficient Programme to import PST to Mozilla thunderbird Without Outlook

MacXtra PST Converter; this is the method that will not only help you to import PST file to Thunderbird on Mac but will also make the process one of the simplest tasks ever. Yes, this PST-specific approach permits batch exports while preserving the integrity of all associated components. As a consequence, no properties are changed throughout the import process.

1: Download the utility to import PST to Thunderbird. Following that, you must agree to some basic terms and conditions before installing it.

2: Once the installation is complete, launch it to import PST file to thunderbird on Mac.

3: After you’ve accessed the tool’s interface, you’ll need to pick Add files or Add folders.

click add files or folders

4: Now, the tool’s screen will display all of your selected PST files or folders.

uploaded pst files

5: Now, from the list of available storage options, pick the Saving option as MBOX.

select mbox

6: Select the destination folder for your generated files and then click the export button.

browse destination click export

These are the procedures you must take to open Outlook PST in Thunderbird. You must thoroughly examine them so that you do not encounter any difficulties in finishing your assignment.

Now that you’ve gone through the procedure, it’s time to learn about some of the PST to Mozilla Thunderbird converter other features. As a result, we’ve listed some of its characteristics for you to evaluate and see why this product is ideal for you.

Some Characteristics of the PST to Mozilla Thunderbird Converter

Bulk Conversion: Do you have hundreds or more PST files that you want to convert? Don’t worry; you can still export outlook pst to thunderbird in no time. This software is very efficient and allows you to import PST to Thunderbird in batches and also in a single process.

Full Conversion: The software has the features to convert full properties. Well, PST files contain not only emails but also attachments, contacts, and other properties. Hence, the PST to Thunderbird converter aims to export them all at once.

No Account Configuration: This app works independently without the sync support of other applications as well as PST-compatible accounts. You can easily import PST to Thunderbird without Outlook on Mac. Yes, you don’t need to set up the account when using the tool and completing your task.

Dual Mode: Since the app doesn’t require you to set up an account, you can select the PST files manually. So when selecting the files you have two options. You can select both individual PST files and entire folders containing hundreds of PST.

Browse Location: One of the best features of this PST to Thunderbird converter is that it doesn’t force you to save your files in a default location but allows you to choose the one. You can browse the destination and choose the appropriate one, so you can better protect your resulting files from other data.

Note: These functions are only a small excerpt of the many functions available. This app can do much more than just export PST to Thunderbird. So, to know what else it can do, give it a try.

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In Conclusion

You may import PST to Thunderbird on Mac without Outlook in the most essential approach. We have presented you with a solution that is pretty advantageous for your conversion. It is compatible with all PST files and may export them all at once in a single procedure. It also includes a host of beneficial features that help to make data imports faster and easier. So, if you want to import Outlook PST files to thunderbird on mac rapidly and effectively, you should attempt this way.