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Import EML Files to Gmail Account Complete with All Attachments

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 11-Sep-2022 ~ EML File ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Do you wish to import EML files to Gmail account? Are you looking for a quick way to upload an EML file to your Gmail account? If yes, you’ve come to the correct platform. In this article, we will show you how to convert EML messages to your Gmail. Before we continue, let’s have a look at some recent user inquiries:

Hello, I have a large number of EML files that contain a great deal of vital data. Keeping them on a local drive always makes me nervous about losing them, and I also lack an app that enables me to open them. Thus, in order to increase their security and accessibility, I’d want to import .eml emails to Gmail, but I’m at a loss for how to do so. So, could you kindly answer this for me?

According to the questions, it’s a widespread concern that storing critical emails on a local disc is insecure, much more so when you don’t have a backup. This is because if your local disc fails or your system fails to function properly, you risk losing your data.

Additionally, they are difficult to open, as they require either a suitable email client or an alternate program. Thus, all of these concerns may be remedied by importing them to Gmail. As a cloud-based account, Gmail provides enhanced access to data and flexibility.

Thus, for the sake of security, we’d like to transfer your EML data into Gmail, and for that goal, we’ve developed one of the finest techniques. Therefore, you may effortlessly upload EML to Gmail after reviewing it.

Easiest and Time-Saving Approach to Import EML Files to Gmail Account

MacXtra EML Converter is a tool that enables you to easily and quickly convert EML to Gmail. It is the most legitimate program for simply opening EML files in Gmail. Additionally, the program supports multiple operating systems. The utility may be downloaded by clicking on the green button provided below. Additionally, you may import .eml emails to Gmail by following a few simple steps.

  • To open an EML file in Gmail using the recommended EML to Gmail Wizard, you must first download, install, and activate it.
  • When the EML to Gmail importer begins, you will be presented with two options: Add files or Add folders. Select .eml files from the local drive by clicking on any of them.
    click add files or add folders to select eml
  • Once your .eml files have been selected, they will be presented on the tool’s user interface.
    uploaded selected eml files
  • Now you must choose IMAP as the saving option. Enter your Gmail’ credentials and confirm them by clicking the Save.
    select imap click save to import eml files to gmail

Thus, this concludes the process to import EML files to Gmail using the suggested EML to Gmail importer, which appears to be rather simple since it only, requires a few simple steps.

Now that you’re familiar with the utility capability, allow us to provide you with some further information. We’ve established that it can import EML to Gmail, and now it’s time to demonstrate how efficiently it does it. Therefore, please examine some of its functions and capabilities.

Explore Some Features of the EML to Gmail Wizard

  • Basic UI: Due to its simple and uncomplicated user interface, the .eml to Gmail importer is extremely easy to use. There are no superfluous or complicated items to confuse you.
  • Dual Mode Selection: The EML to Gmail importer supports dual mode selection of EML files. You can upload a single EML file or a collection of folders containing hundreds of EML files.
  • Batch Conversion: Regardless of the size of your files, the tool enables you to accomplish your operation in a matter of seconds. This is because it supports batch import of EML files to Gmail.
  • OS Support: The EML to Gmail Wizard enables you to open EML file in Gmail on Mac and Windows operating systems. Additionally, it supports their entirety, whether newer or older.
  • Maintain Data Integrity: Throughout the conversion process, this .eml to Gmail Wizard guarantees the data integrity of EML files, ensuring that nothing is modified and everything remains unchanged.

Note: The utility also has a free version. This is an excellent offer if you want to evaluate the gadget prior to purchasing it. You may import EML to Gmail to a certain extent, as well as test out all of its features. This is why we highly advise you to first download the trial version.

In Conclusion

On both Mac and Windows, you can now simply import EML files to Gmail in bulk, complete with all attachments. The proposed tool enables you to accomplish this. The EML to Gmail importer is a one-stop shop that offers far more than you may imagine. It’s simple to use and includes a sample version. Therefore, we recommend that you download the programme for free and begin using it to familiarise yourself with it.