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Import EML Files into Outlook in Bulk Using Various Methods

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 11-Nov-2022 ~ EML File ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Whether you’re looking to import EML files into Outlook, Outlook 365, or need to convert EML to PST without Outlook, this article will cover it all. Yes, therefore take this post as a one-stop-shop for you, and let’s begin by discovering what it has in store for you.

To be sure, EML to Outlook import is not a simple operation; but, it may be. To be honest, it all depends on the approach you chose.

Therefore, we would like to describe each approach one by one so that you may determine which one works best for you and saves you the most time, and provides the most convenience.

Import EML Files into Outlook (Manually)

While this is the initial technique to import EML to Outlook, it will not function with Outlook 365 or when creating a PST without Outlook. Therefore, allow us to describe the procedure that enables you to do so.

  • To begin, log into your Outlook account.
  • Now, left-click the Outlook Data File and, when the extra box appears, choose New Folder.
  • Now, rename your newly created folder to whatever that fits you.
  • You must now drag and drop all of the EML into this window.

Thus, this is how you may manually import EML to Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019, however as you can see, the procedure is rather tedious, as you will need to drag and drop each EML file one by one, and the time will grow significantly if you have hundreds of EML files.

Additionally, you can see that this method is incompatible with importing EML to Outlook 365 and producing PST files without using Outlook. As a result, you may evaluate the following all-in-one strategy for resolving challenges.

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An All-in-one Way to Convert EML to Outlook PST

MacXtra EML converter is a tool that enables you to import EML files into Outlook, and Office 365, and convert them to PST files without using Microsoft Outlook. Yes, it is an all-in-one solution that saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to go through a lengthy and stressful procedure. Additionally, it enables you to convert EML to PST Mac and Windows. Therefore, let us begin by demonstrating the procedure that you must follow to accomplish your conversion.

  • Firstly, Download the best EML to PST converter on your device. Then install and launch it to convert EML to PST without Outlook.
  • Once the tool’s screen is on, select either Add Files or Add Folder to select your EML files from the device.
    click add files or add folders option
  • Once you have selected the EML files, they will be updated on your tool’s interface.
    uploaded eml files
  • Now you need to Select Saving Option as PST; Browse the location for your files and then click Export.
    select pst click export to import eml to outlook
Note: To import EML to Outlook 365, you must first pick this option from the drop-down box and then input your account credentials.

Thus, this concludes our discussion on how to convert EML to Outlook PST.

Now that the PST files have been created, the benefit is that they will be easier to import into your Outlook account. To import EML to Outlook, you must import each file individually, but now that you have converted them to PST, you may import them all at once.

Continue reading to learn more about the EML to Outlook Converter.

  • Mass Import: The EML to Outlook Converter enables bulk import EML files into Outlook. There are no limits on file selection and conversion.
  • Independently Convert EML Files to PST: The program enables you to convert EML to PST files without using Outlook. Yes, account setup is not required to use the tool.
  • Manual File Selection: The EML to Outlook Converter enables you to manually pick EML files. You can either choose a single EML file or a folder of EML files.
  • Place Selection: The tool enables you to explore and pick a storage location for your PST. You will not be compelled to store them in any predefined location.
  • OS Support: The EML to PST Converter is compatible with all major operating systems, including Mac and Windows. As a result, you may effortlessly import eml into Outlook Mac and Windows.

In Conclusion

We have provided you with every method available to import EML files into Outlook and Outlook 365, as well as convert EML to PST without using Outlook on Mac and Windows. We have provided both manual and automatic methods. You may evaluate them all and select the ones that best suit your requirements and preferences.