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Forward Frontier Email to Gmail Manually and Automatically

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 31-Oct-2023 ~ IMAP Account ~ 5 Minutes Reading

It is simple and quick to configure your Gmail account to operate with Frontier emails. This article will break down the process of linking your frontier.com account to your Google Mail account and checking your email permanently into simple stages for you. Follow the steps below to quickly forward Frontier email to Gmail.

One notable migration in recent times involves those transitioning from Frontier emails to Gmail. While Frontier has faithfully served millions with simplicity, an inflow has now chosen Gmail for its abundance of helpful attributes, smooth functionality, and integration with additional Google tools. In this article, we will dissect the causes behind this transition and offer a detailed tutorial on forwarding any Frontier emails over to Gmail.

Why Frontier Users are Shifting to Gmail?

Moving the emails from the current email account to Gmail mostly has a similar reason. However, let’s see why users want to transfer emails from Frontier to Gmail.

  • Gmail remains one of the premier email platforms due to its robust suite of features and user-friendly interface. The service caters to users of all levels with its clean and intuitive layout that organizes inboxes and categories in an easy-to-navigate manner. 
  • Users can take advantage of Gmail’s powerful yet simple search functionality. They can quickly filter through messages from years past using specific keywords, senders, or customized date ranges.
  • Beyond the initial storage, Google provides, one never needs to worry about running out of mailbox space. Attachments and emails alike fit comfortably without concern for storage limitations.
  • Users can feel secure knowing Gmail deploys thorough protections such as two-factor authentication, phishing alerts, and spam filtering. These guard the account from future threats or unauthorized access.
  • Perhaps most valuable is Gmail’s deep integration across additional Google services. With a single account, one gains access to collaborative platforms like Google Drive, Photos, and Docs. 
  • Reliability proves another strong point in moving emails from Frontier’s account. 

Overall, Gmail’s all-inclusive feature set and emphasis on usability continue to make it a top choice for personal and business mail hosting. 

With Manual Gmail Settings Transfer Frontier to Gmail

  • Log in to your Gmail account and log in using your email and password.
  • In the menu that appears, click “Settings” after clicking on the cogwheel symbol in the top-right corner of the page.
  • Further, click the “Accounts” page, then the “Add a mail account” link.
  • Click the “Next” button after entering your complete frontier.com email address in the box that appears.
  • Select “Import emails from my other account (POP3)” and then click “Next” in the next stage.
  • Retype your whole email address in the “Username” box.
  • In the “Password” section, enter the password for your frontier.com email account.

Note: Selecting “Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server” is crucial.

  • In the “POP Server” column, type pop3.frontier.com.
  • Then, Select “Add Account” from the menu.
  • On the next screen, select “No” before pressing the “Finish” button.

So, that’s how you can manually forward emails. If this method does not work for you and you want to permanently import all or a subset of your Frontier folders to Gmail, proceed to the next method.

The Direct Approach – Instant Result in Few Clicks

Adding Frontier to Gmail while preserving all attachments, contacts, calendars, and other attributes is easy using the IMAP Backup Tool. Its objective is to move as many Frontier email files as it can at once, without restrictions or sluggishness. It operates with a Mac and is self-contained, so you don’t need any extra software to forward email from the Frontier account to Gmail.

Complete Steps to Transfer My Frontier Email to Gmail

  • After the Frontier to Gmail transfer tool has been started, the credentials for the Frontier account must be entered.
    enter frontier credentials
  • After becoming familiar with the Frontier Host: imap.frontier.com and IMAP Port – 993, click the button login to access the email files. Enter
    frontier port and host
  • Select the email folder you wish to move after selecting Gmail as the saving format.
    select gmail saving option
  • Type in your password and email address for Gmail. To export particular folders & backup emails from a set date, use the Advanced Filter option.
    apply filters to forward frontier email to gmail selectively
  • Then, to forward the email to Gmail, click the Start Backup option after that. In a few seconds, the translation from Frontier to Gmail will begin, and the program will let you know when it is done.
    frontier to gmail migration completes

Read More about the Frontier to Gmail Transfer Tool

  • Basic GUI: The application to add Frontier email to Gmail has a user-friendly layout. It will thus be simple to use it to forward emails from Frontier to Gmail.
  • Selective Migration: You may transfer only the most crucial folders to your Gmail account software recommended here.
  • Migration Capacity: If you have a lot of files, you shouldn’t be worried. With the help of the program, transfer an infinite number of files of any size simultaneously.
  • Additional Filters: You may use a number of the tool’s filters before switching from Frontier to Gmail. You may use a date range and email field to migrate only certain emails.


You may easily forward Frontier email to Gmail using the migration tool we recommend. The software is an excellent option that enables unrestricted migration from Frontier.com to Gmail. For migrating a few emails, there is a free version accessible. You may then purchase its license key to have access to all of its other features after that.