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Forward AOL to Gmail With All Attachments in a Few Simple Steps

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 20-Jan-2023 ~ AOL Email ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: This article will discuss numerous methods for forwarding/importing AOL emails and contacts to a Google Mail account. You’ll see choices for forwarding emails to Gmail as well as switching the complete account. Therefore, let’s begin by going through each option outlined below to forward AOL to Gmail.

AOL and Google Mail are two of the most well-known email service companies. Switching from AOL to Gmail has a lot of benefits. The database connection on AOL, for example, is very sluggish, making receiving and sending messages problematic at times.

Thus, in order to assist you in resolving the AOL issue, we will outline each approach in detail. As a result, the initial step will be to forward AOL emails to your Gmail account. Therefore, go over it.

Here are the Various Ways to forward AOL to Gmail Account.

Approach 1: Manually Transfer Mails Using Gmail Function

  • In Gmail’s account, choose tools.
  • Now go to Settings and input your email account
  • In the Inspect Mail From Other Accounts section, choose the option to automatically add a POP3 email account. Also, make sure the account you pick uses POP3.
  • Enter the AOL email address in the text bar. Then click Next Step to begin.
  • Select the email message configuration to sync to your Gmail account.
  • Then choose the “Always use secure connection (SSL)” option.
  • To link your AOL account, choose Add Account. This will route all future emails to your account.

Simply add your own email address as a custom location. Then click the confirmation link. Select the area that reads “Merge other mail addresses on your own” under the title of Deliver Mail As. It’s the same account for email.

Approach 2: Auto-Forward Option

If the above approach isn’t working, try Auto Forward. Login to AOL mail, simply. Set up mail forwarding in your new Gmail account. It will automatically forward AOL mail to the Gmail account. Here’s how to accomplish it.

  • 1st, click on Settings in the upper-right corner of the page. Go to the Accounts and Import section to combine a POP3 mail account Under/next gives you the ability to POP3-inspect messages from a section.
  • Then enter your AOL email address in the box. To continue, check if this helps you learn how to forward AOL mail to Gmail.
  • If so, go to AOL’s inbox and access Google mail. Place the email verification code in the code field. Finally, click Verify to finish the process.

Thus, these are the manual procedures to forward AOL to Gmail accounts. As you can see, the techniques are ineffective due to the fact that these procedures only allow you to route your emails via AOL account to Gmail. Therefore, if you want to entirely switch from AOL and wish to transfer AOL mail folders to Gmail, please follow the approach below.

An Expert Recommended Approach to Import AOL Mail to Gmail

You may transfer AOL emails to Gmail using the MacXtra AOL Backup. This approach converts AOL folders that include all of the user’s contacts and other attributes and data. Additionally, it improves the quality and reliability of data translation. It also offers the simplest AOL to Gmail conversion process. Therefore, let us begin by discussing the approach’s technique. We will walk you through the step-by-step process to transfer AOL mail folders to Gmail. Thus, it is worth reading.

  • You must first download, install, and start this AOL Mail to Gmail migration tool on your specified device before using it to complete your assignment.
  • Now, you will be prompted to add AOL account to the tool. Thus enter your AOL credentials to import all the AOL data to the tool.
    add aol account to the tool
  • Once all the related folders have been uploaded to the tool, you need to select Gmail as a saving option.
    select Gmail as saving option
  • Enter your Gmail email address and password. Apply filters; once done click on the save button.
    click save button to forward aol to gmail

As a result, here is how you may utilize the software to forward AOL to Gmail accounts. Now, let’s take a look at some of its standout features that can persuade you to make this application your top choice to import AOL mail to. As a result, go through them.

Discover Further Information on the AOL to Google Mail Migration Tool.

  • The tool allows you to forward mail from AOL to Gmail in batches with all folders.
  • You can select and deselect folders so you can move only one you need.
  • You can also import contacts from AOL to Gmail and other attributes.
  • You can use the tool on any edition of the Mac or Windows operating system.
  • The tool is highly secured and maintains integrity throughout the process.
  • You can apply date ranges and other filters for selective data migration.


You can now easily forward AOL to Gmail in multiple ways in batch and a few simple steps. We’ve covered many possibilities so you have the options to choose from. The first method allows you to forward only the emails while the other method allows you to permanently transfer all AOL folders at once. So go through the entire technique and use the bet that suits your convenience.