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Migrate PST to Windows 10 Mail in Bulk without Outlook Configuration

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 31-Jan-2023 ~ PST File ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Do you want to export PST to Windows 10 Mail? Can’t you find a way to do this because Windows 10 mail lacks an import/export feature? No need to be concerned; we have discovered an incredible way to accomplish the same. Are you curious as to what it is? Let us embark on a brief journey.

As is often known, Windows 10 Mail is the default email client that ships with the Windows 10 operating system. Unlike the previous version, this email client does not allow you to import your email files.

However, it does have an option for adding an email account. Therefore, if you utilize an email service and wish to access its data via a desktop client, you may use Windows 10 Mail.

So, this is the alternative way to import Outlook PST to Windows 10 Mail. You must first add your PST files to any email service and then add that service to your Mail account. Now that you’ve grasped the intricacies, allow us to provide you with a solution that will assist you in carrying out this complete procedure. Therefore, have a peek.

An Exceptionally Simple Method to Export PST to Windows 10 Mail

MacXtra PST Converter is the technique that allows you to import Outlook PST files to Windows 10 Mail in the easiest and most convenient way. It is a solution that works without any Outlook configuration and runs on both Mac and Windows devices. It is a highly efficient tool that can import all your PST files at once in a single process, regardless of the volume of your PST files.

  • Simply download, install, and use the Converter tool on your Windows or Mac computer to convert PST to Windows 10 Mail.
  • After the application loads, click Add File or Folder on the left side.
    click add files or folders option
  • Now navigate from the tool and choose the PST files that you wish to import into Windows Mail. Which you may view later on the interface of your Tool.
    uploaded pst files
  • Choose IMAP from the list of offered alternatives as the saving format. Click the Export button after providing your email address and password.select imap clcik export to import pst to windows 10 mail

Your files will now be imported into the email service you’ve chosen.

Following that, you must add that account to your Windows 10 mail email client in order to use it to view your PST files.

Our discussion of how to export PST to Windows 10 Mail is now complete. The task you were given is now accomplished.

Now, let’s have a look at the Outlook PST to Windows 10 mail converter in further detail. We’d now want to highlight some of its characteristics to help you get a sense of the proposed tool.

Discover Several Characteristics of the PST to Windows 10 Mail Converter

  • Dual Select Mode: The application provides you with dual mode options for file selection. You may choose individual PST files or large directories containing hundreds of PST files.
  • Mass Conversion:  With this program, bulk PST exports to Windows 10 Mail are possible. Even if you have a large number of PST files, the software can convert them all at once, saving you time.
  • Conversion of the Entire File: The Outlook PST to Windows 10 Mail converter is capable of converting the entire file. Yes, it sends the email as well as the attachments, contacts, and other attributes simultaneously.
  • No Account Required: The converter works without requiring any account settings. It is not necessary to have Outlook set up in order to convert PST to Windows 10 mail using the Outlook .pst file converter.
  • Supported OS: The utility supports copying Outlook PST files in Windows 10 on both Windows and Mac systems. As a result, it makes no difference whatever version or operating system you are using, as the utility is compatible with all.

Note: The supplied tool is available in a customized form for you. It includes a trial edition that enables you to evaluate the software prior to obtaining the license key. Yes, you may test its features and also import Outlook PST files to windows 10 mail to some level in order to determine its process’s efficiency. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you download the trial version first.


We have provided you with a solution that is really advantageous to your work. It can mass export PST to Windows 10 Mail on both Mac and Windows. Because it is quite efficient, it can export your data in a couple of seconds. Furthermore, it has a sample version that users may utilise for free. As a result, if you truly want to duplicate an Outlook PST file on Windows 10 in a quick and easy manner, give the above-mentioned program a shot.