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Export Emails from Telstra Webmail to Local Drive or Cloud Servers

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 20-Sep-2022 ~ Telstra Emails ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: With the aid of this article, you may export emails from Telstra Webmail. It includes a step-by-step procedure for exporting every email from Webmail together with all of the related characteristics and while preserving the integrity of the data. It is strongly advised that you scroll down the page until you find your ideal answer.

Utilizing Webmail services like Telstra gives a number of benefits. However, in addition to these benefits, there are also some disadvantages. When you use a cloud service to store your emails, there is a possibility that they will be compromised. There is always the risk of data theft, as well as problems with the server, but these problems may be avoided by keeping the files locally. Having a backup of your Telstra emails stored on a local disc guarantees that you will always have access to the data. Why Save Telstra Emails Locally?

A Hassle-free Way to Export Emails from Telstra Webmail

MacXtra Email Backup Software is the most dependable and user-friendly method to save emails from Telstra webmail. Because it provides many secure storage options, such as offline files and the cloud, it is the most reliable programme available. It is secure, therefore the integrity of your data will not be jeopardised while it is being exported up. To save emails from Webmail using the programme, we will walk you through the steps involved in doing so. Therefore, look at them so you can have a better understanding of how the tool works.

Step-by-step Process to Save Emails from Telstra Webmail

  • In order to link the programme with your Telstra account once you have downloaded the Telstra export tool. You will be required to enter your Telstra email address and password.
    enter telstra credentials
  • After the programme has been updated to include all Telstra folders. You will need to pick which ones are going to be converted and then choose PST as the saving format.
    select saving option
  • After that, you will be prompted to choose a place for the files will be produced. Make your selection from the available migration criteria. Now, click the Save button to export emails from Telstra Webmail.
    click save to export emails from telstra webmail

Consequently, these are the only steps necessary to automate the process of saving an email from Telstra. Now, in order to broaden your understanding of the Telstra export tool. We would like to introduce you to some of the most important components of the product that it offers. Therefore, go over them to find out additional information about it.

Find Some Traits of the Telstra Export Tool

  • Batch Conversion: This feature of the programme lets you export a large number of emails from Telstra at once. There are no limits placed on the number of Webmail labels that may be exported in parallel at the same time.
  • Transfer of Selected Data: You will have total control over which folders to export from the Telstra and which not while using the app. You have the option of saving just the required folders by selecting and deselecting them individually before saving.
  • OS Support: This application is compatible with all different versions of the Mac operating system. As a direct result of this, you will have the ability to export emails from Telstra Webmail on Mac OS 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mohave, and 10.13 High Sierra.
  • Browse Location: You will have the ability to choose the place where the created files will be saved thanks to this utility. It will not be necessary for you to store your data in a specific place at any time.
  • Several Saving Option: The programme gives you a number of different options for preserving your Telstra emails, so you may choose which one works best for you. You have access to a broad variety of file formats, including Gmail, Office 365, PST, MBOX, PDF, and TXT, amongst many more.


You now have the capability to export emails from Telstra Webmail in a way that is both efficient and effective. We have made a fantastic tool called MacXtra email backup tool accessible to you. So that you may save emails to a variety of other platforms. When you use the application, you will have the ability to save your Telstra emails in a number of different file formats. Such as PST and EML and cloud servers like Gmail, Yahoo etc. You are able to finish your export at this very now by using the application that you just got for free by following the link that was supplied to you above.