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Delete All Mails from Rediffmail Inbox & Other Mailboxes at Once

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 29-Sep-2022 ~ Clean Up Emails, Rediffmail Email ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Do you want to know how to delete all mails from Rediffmail inbox at once? Are you tired of picking and deleting hundreds of emails to clear your inbox? If yes, continue reading the article for a good solution to bulk delete Rediffmail emails.

The majority of us struggle to keep up with the volume of communications that arrive in our inboxes. While you may delete them one at a time or in batches, junk mail or occasional account activity may demand the deletion of hundreds of messages. As a result, we’ll start by going through all of the several ways you may delete your emails. So start by going through them again.

How to Delete All Mails from Rediffmail Inbox and Other Mailboxes?

To delete a big quantity of messages from your inbox, there are effective approaches to accomplish so.

Delete Read Messages from the Rediffmail Inbox

To delete all the read messages from the list pick ‘Read mail’ from the drop-down box and click on the ‘Delete’ option; in this manner all the read emails from your mailbox page will be gone.

Delete Unread Emails from Rediffmail Mailbox

To delete all the unread messages, you may pick the ‘select unread mails’ and hit on Erase option. You may clear the inbox fully, by choosing ‘All mails’ choice and then pressing on the remove option.

So, these are a few options for manually delete all mails from Rediffmail inbox. The disadvantage of this strategy is that you will not be able to delete the emails you wish. You may either delete or unread what you’ve read. As a result, to assist you in having a more beneficial method that you may regulate according to your needs. So, go ahead and have a look at it.

An Alternative Way to Delete Multiple Rediffmail Folders at Once

The MacXtra EmailRaser Application for Mac is the most fantastic application that allows users to manage the whole process. The fact that it allows you to remove emails from any of the folders from any of the email addresses while filtering time period and email field makes this technique the ideal alternative for you. It also provides you with just a few simple steps to complete the task. Look at the whole procedure below to get yourself familiarize with it.

Detailed Guide for Erasing Emails from Rediffmail

  • Using the download button above, get the Rediffmail Eraser programme. To thoroughly delete Rediffmail mailboxes, the programme must be installed and launched.
    start the rediffmail email eraser tool
  • When you run the software, you will be prompted to enter your Rediffmail email address and password in order to sync your Rediffmail account with the tool.
    enter rediffmail credentials
  • You must now check the folders that you want to remove from your Rediffmail account. Depending on your needs, you may choose all or only one.
    select the folders to delete
  • Individual emails may be deleted using a number of criteria, such as a date range to remove emails from a certain time period.
    apply filters
  • Start deleting Rediffmail inbox by pressing the start erase button. You will be alerted once all of the specified emails or files have been removed.
    click start erase button to delete all mails from rediffmail inbox

You may delete all mails from Rediffmail inbox by following these simple steps. After familiarising yourself with the tool’s procedures, it’s time to move on to learning about another part of it. We’d now like to introduce you to some of its more complex features and associated advantages. Therefore, review them to determine the tool’s genuine capabilities.

Examine Several of the Rediffmail Email Eraser’s Characteristics

  • It features a simple interface, so even non-technical individuals may utilise it.
  • It enables you to delete all mails from Rediffmail Inbox and other folders at once.
  • You may use the Rediffmail email eraser tool on any Mac OS version.
  • The application allows you to remove emails from certain time periods.
  • Enables you to delete emails by selecting email fields such as To, Cc etc.
  • If you believe that large-sized emails should be erased first, you may enter the size so that only emails of that size are deleted.
  • You may also enter an attachment size to delete just attachments of that size from Rediffmail folders.


It is now incredibly simple to delete all mails from Rediffmail inbox. We’ve presented you with a variety of options. You may either use the manual approach, which allows you to remove read and unread messages, or the automatic technique. The automated technique allows you to apply a variety of filters to the clean-up process. As such, we urge that you evaluate both techniques in order to choose which one best meets your requirements.