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Convert TIFF to PNG to Reduce Image Size Without Losing Quality

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 31-Jan-2023 ~ TIFF File ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Do your TIFF files include several large-scale images? Do you wish to reduce the size of your huge files without sacrificing quality? If so, the PNG image format is the best option for you. This format is identical to the one you can use to meet your need. Thus, to assist you in maintaining picture quality while decreasing them, we provide a fantastic solution to convert TIFF to PNG.

What to Consider When Converting TIFF to PNG?

Tiff and PNG image file formats are quite similar in that they both maintain a high resolution after compression. However, there are certain distinctions that necessitate conversion in some cases.

  • If a user wants to share a TIFF file with numerous individuals, they’ll probably want it in PNG format. Because PNG is more accessible to a larger number of users and systems, this is the case.

When considering whether or not to convert, the two most important elements to consider are convenience and security.

  • Remember that TIFF is a secure file that cannot contain a concealed virus. As a result, firms that handle sensitive data employ it.
  • The PNG has a lower level of security, but it is also more convenient. As a result, if you don’t require any additional protection for your file, consider converting.

Thus, these are the justifications and factors to consider while exporting images from TIFF to PNG. As a result, in order to suit your requirements, we provide you with the finest option to change TIFF to PNG. Therefore, have a peek.

Grab the solution to Convert TIFF to PSD Format.

A Finest Way to Convert TIFF to PNG without Losing Quality

TIFF Image Converter is the finest program for converting .tiff files to lossless PNG files. It is the best approach to convert TIFF to PNG while maintaining the image’s quality. It is a comprehensive TIFF conversion application that provides several benefits during the conversion process. Additionally, it provides you with only a few steps to complete your assignment without exerting excessive effort. Therefore, inspect the procedure initially to ascertain its efficiency.

  • To begin, you must download the TIFF on PNG converter to your Mac or Windows-compatible device. Once the download is complete, follow the on-screen instructions to install and eventually start.
    launch the tiff image to png converter
  • When the programme is run, it will present you with two options: Add Files and Add Folder. Select and upload TIFF files to the tool by clicking on any of them.
    add tiff files or folders to the tool
  • Once you’ve submitted all of your selected TIFF files to the offline TIFF to PNG converter, you may tick them to choose them for conversion.
    select files for conversion
  • Following that, select the saving option as PNG. Then, navigate to and pick the location where you want to save your files, and then click the Save>
    select png click save to convert tiff to png
  • The conversion procedure will now begin; when it is complete, a notification will show on the tool’s UI.
    conversion completion

This step brings the discussion on how to convert TIFF to PNG to a close. Following that, let’s have a look at some of the tool’s capabilities. Now that you’ve shown that it can convert TIFF pictures to lossless PNG files, let us demonstrate how well it does it. Therefore, have a peek.

What Characterizes the TIFF Image to PNF Converter as the Most Appropriate for You?

  • Easiest Interface: The TIFF Image to PNG Converter offers you a straightforward interface. As a result, you won’t face any difficulties in converting image files even if it’s your first time.
  • Selection Mode: The program to convert TIFF to PNG offers you a dual mode to select TIFF. You can either select a single TIFF or a folder that contains multiple TIFF files.
  • Bulk Conversion: Free software allows you to export TIFF images to PNG in bulk. No matter how many files you want to convert, a single operation is required to convert them all at once.
  • Selective Conversion: Well, the utility allows you to convert the selective images from the TIFF files. So, even after you have uploaded your files to the tool, you still have the option to select them.
  • OS Support: The program can changes the image files in *.tiff on Mac as well as on Windows. You can use any operating system as well as any version to perform your task.
  • Preserve Integrity: The tool converts TIFF to PNG without losing quality. It maintains the resolution and preserves the integrity of the data throughout the process.
  • Choose Destination Path: The TIFF image to PNG converter lets you choose the location for the resulting files instead of forcing you to choose the default path.

In Conclusion

We have provided you with the optimal method to convert TIFF to PNG. The proposed application enables you to do the operation in the simplest feasible manner. It comes with a slew of fantastic features, including powerful and complex functionalities that you may utilize to execute a variety of tasks. Additionally, it includes a demo version, which we strongly encourage you to use.