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Convert TIFF Image to PDF to Reduce Document Size While Keeping Quality

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 31-Jan-2023 ~ TIFF File ~ 4 Minutes Reading

TIFF pictures, like other image formats, are difficult to manage when there are tons of them. It would be beneficial in this scenario if we could categorize the TIFF photos and convert them to PDF files. Thus, in this post, we’ll go through a simple approach to convert TIFF images to PDF for Windows, and Mac, and that will make your work a breeze. So, if you have the same requirement, let’s get started.

Considerations When Converting Multiple TIFF Files to PDF

  • PDF enables substantial file reduction. The PDF standard significantly decreases document size while maintaining the quality of the original material.
  • This is especially essential when looking at visual aids such as graphs and charts that may include a lot of little details, but it also helps you to enlarge information printed in small font sizes that you would otherwise miss.
  • Unlike the TIFF format, the PDF format compresses files and ensures legible text when read. To top it off, the PDF format delivers much more than a representation of a document.
  • It creates a digital replica of a TIFF that you can interact with in the same way you would with a real document, complete with page navigation and text selection.

TIFF files are popular because of their excellent mobility and are used for variable-resolution bitmap pictures. Convert TIFF files to PDF to exhibit or share them more easily.

An Amazing Approach to Convert TIFF Image to PDF Adobe

MacXtra TIFF Image Converter may be used to convert large TIFF to PDF. It is the most secure program available, ensuring the integrity of all your images during the conversion process. Using our esteemed solution, you may manually convert TIFF images to PDF files. Additionally, it translates the whole collection of attributes in a brief procedure without missing anything. As a result, we’ve created a comprehensive step-by-step instruction. So, please follow each step and complete the task at hand.

Take Note: The TIFF to PDF Converter that we have provided contains a trial edition. The advantage of this version is that you may inspect it without purchasing a licence key. You may convert TIFF image to PDF and evaluate their performance locally. As a result, we recommend that you begin with the demo edition.

How to Convert Make TIFF Print to PDF: A Step-by-step Guide

  • To get started with this TIFF to PDF Converter, you must first download it to a Windows or Mac computer. Following that, install and run it to convert multi-page TIFF to PDF.
    launch the tool to convert tiff image to pdf
  • Once the tool is completely working, click the Add files and Add folders buttons on the tool to pick and upload all TIFF files.
    add tiff files to the tiff to pdf converter
  • Once the selected TIFF files have been updated in the TIFF Files to PDF converter, you must give a check to select them for conversion.
    select files for conversion
  • Now, pick the PDF option for saving; navigate to and select a directory for your newly created files; and last, click the Export button.
    select pdf as saving and click export
  • Your TIFF files will be converted to PDF format in a matter of seconds. When it is complete, you will be notified.
    conversion completed

Examine Several of the TIFF to PDF Converter’s Primary Functions:

  • Batch Conversion: The TIFF to PDF converter application tries to print multiple TIFF files to PDF simultaneously. The objective is to save you time by performing a simple process on a huge amount of data.
  • Dual Mode: The program to convert TIFF to PDF provides two modes for selecting the TIFF file to convert. You can select a single TIFF file or a folder containing several TIFF files.
  • Conversion of Only Selected Data: The program enables you to convert only selected data. If your TIFF files contain any sub files, you can choose only those that are necessary for conversion and uncheck all others.
  • Maintain Integrity: The software not only convert TIFF image to PDF, but also protects them. Throughout the route, your data is safeguarded and nothing is forged.
  • Compatibility with Mac and Windows Operating Systems: The tool is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Yes, regardless of the operating system or version you’re running, this program will be useful in every situation.


We illustrated how to create a PDF file from a TIFF picture. The best TIFF to PDF converter enables you to convert TIFF image to PDF files simultaneously, including their associated characteristics. Additionally, it safeguards the security of your data. Additionally, it offers a demo version, which we strongly encourage you to try. To summarise, if you want to have an excellent data conversion experience, we recommend use the approach.