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How to Convert MSG to TXT (Text) with Attachments ?

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 19-Nov-2022 ~ MSG ~ 5 Minutes Reading

“Hello there, The MSG files that I have on my laptop need to be opened, and I don’t know how to do it. However, because of technical difficulties, Outlook is unable to be installed on my laptop. And only Outlook is capable of opening MSG files. I’m looking for a way to convert MSG to TXT because TXT files are easier to open in notepad than MSG files. Can anyone suggest a perfect solution to convert MSG to text document?”

Are you one of those people who is searching for a method to convert MSG to TXT? If so, then you shouldn’t worry.

I am here with the complete details to convert Outlook MSG files into text files by using one of the best techniques.

MSG file can open only in the Outlook application. Because of these restrictions, Many users want to convert their MSG files into TXT. The TXT files can open easily in notepad and any kind of device.

Reasons Why Users Choose TXT Files?

  • Plain text does not go outdated. It is the most widely utilized format for storing data, and this is unlikely to change.
  • Plain text does not have an edition number associated with it. It always remains the same, and it is impossible to have multiple conflicting texts at the same time.
  • The text files educate you on universal things. The plain text teaches you how to work with content rather than with specific software.
  • Text is universal. There are several ways to use text in your data manager or your email. If they use plain language, these may be difficult to reverse.

Hassle-Free Solution to Convert MSG to TXT in Bulk

Here we will demonstrate one of the greatest software tools available to convert multiple MSG file data at the same time. The Batch Macxtra Outlook MSG File Converter Tool is packed with useful capabilities, such as the ability to convert full MSG files, including attachments, while retaining all email header metadata and other important information. The software was developed using proprietary algorithms, which distinguishes it from other brands of software. Some of the most astonishing characteristics are listed above:

Imported Note: The software provides users to a free trial version, so users can download the tool and see how does the software works before purchasing the licensed version. But users can convert only 25 MSG files into limited file formats.

Outstanding Features of the Application

  • Multiple MSG files can be converted by the software at once without any problem. There are no limitations on file size during converting.
  • Users can upload the MSG file manually by using add files (for single MSG files) and add folders (for folders of multiple MSG files) options.
  • Also, the MSG to TXT converter preserves all email header components and elements including Cc, Bcc, To, Subject, Date, fonts, images, attachments, inline, formatting, and other data.
  • The software supports all mac OS machines like MacBook, iMac, etc. And also the tool is compatible with all macOS 10.15(Catalina), 10.14(Mojave), 10.13(High Sierra), 10.12(Sierra), OS X 10.11(El Capitan), 10.10(Yosemite), 10.9(Mavericks), 10.8(Mountain Lion), etc.
  • Also, users can save the converted files and folders at their desired location according to their needs.
  • The MSG to TXT converter offers a file naming option, which helps users to manage their converted data via Subject, To, Date, and From.

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Steps to Convert Outlook MSG with MSG File to TXT Converter

  1. Run the tool on your Mac computer after downloading it.
  2. After that, upload the MSG files by using the given options.

    upload the MSG files

  3. And then all MSG files will show on the screen.

    all MSG files will show to convert MSG to TXT

  4. Press “Select Saving Options” once more, and then select “MBOX” from the list.

    select saving option and choose “MBOX”

  5. Click on the “Export” icon to begin the procedure after choosing a location to save the file and using the “File Naming Option.”

    Export icon to start the process to convert MSG to TXT

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the software works without internet connectivity, so users can convert their data offline.
Yes, the software converts unlimited MSG files with attachments, also the complete metadata and elements of emails are preserved.
Yes, the software comes with a free trial version to convert MSG files, so users can see how does the software works.

Wrap Up Time

Hopefully, by now, you have a better understanding of how to convert MSG to TXT. Throughout this post, we’ve covered the entire process of converting MSG files to TXT files. This was accomplished with the use of a professional MSG to TXT converter. The free edition of the software allows you to convert up to 25 MSG files to TXT format. Purchase the paid edition of this tool if you want to convert an infinite number of times. Our technical support team is available via live chat if you have any questions or concerns.