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How to Batch Convert JFIF to PSD on a Mac? The Best Offline Method

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 19-Jan-2023 ~ JFIF Files ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Do you wish to convert your JFIF file to a multi-layer picture format so that you may alter it more easily as needed? If that’s the case, the PSD (Photoshop Document) format is the one for you. So, if you discover that such a format meets your requirements and you want to convert JFIF to PSD, let us show you how.

What Is the Impact of Converting from JFIF to PSD?

  • PSD is a native picture file format for Adobe’s famous Photoshop application. It’s an image-editing-friendly format with numerous picture layers and a wide range of imaging possibilities.
  • PSD files are often used to store high-resolution graphical data. A PSD may accommodate 30,000 pixels in both height and width, and it can be as large as 2 gigabytes in size.
  • Photoshop document are used by graphic designers, publishers, producers, and a variety of other professionals to finish templates, export printed graphics, and so on.

So, when you go from JFIF to PSD format, you’ll be able to do some of these things. As a result, in order to swiftly satisfy all of your needs, we provide you with the appropriate solution. So, please have a look at it.

An Easiest & Suitable Way to Convert JFIF to PSD Format

The most efficient, highly secure, and user-friendly way for converting JFIF photos to PSD files is JFIF Image Converter. It allows you to convert several JFIF files at the same time while keeping all of the data intact. Because the conversion will be done offline, no data will be lost as a result of a bad internet connection. Let’s talk about how to use the approach now that you’re acquainted with it. We’ve given a step-by-step guide to help with this.

  • To get started, you’ll need to download the JFIF on PSD converter to a Mac-compatible device. Follow the on-screen directions to install and run it to convert JFIF to PSD.
    start jfif to psd converter on mac
  • When you execute the software, you will be given two options: Add Files and Add Folder. By clicking on any of them, you may choose and upload JFIF to the tool.
    upload jfif files or folders
  • After you’ve uploaded all of your JFIF files to the offline JFIF to PSD converter, you may choose them for conversion by ticking them.
    select files for conversion
  • After that, choose PSD as your saving format. Then go to the place where you want to store your files and choose it, then click the Save.
    select psd as saving option click save to convert jfif to psd

This is the last step in the tutorial on converting JFIF to PSD. The conversion process will now begin; when it is finished, a notice will appear on the tool’s user interface. So that’s how the tool works. Let’s go ahead and discover more about it now. We’ve detailed some of its useful features. Please go through them to understand why the tool is the best option for you.

Discover Some Beneficial Functions of the JFIF Files to PSD Converter

  • Mass Conversion: The tool allows you to convert many JFIF files to PSD files in one go. In terms of the files you may choose or convert, the tool is entirely unconstrained.
  • Secure: The tools not only convert JFIF to PSD but they also do it in a secure way. It keeps all of the features intact and guarantees that nothing is lost during the conversion.
  • Specify a Destination Path: Rather than forcing you to use the default path, the JFIF picture to PSD converter allows you choose the place for the resultant files.
  • Selection Way: When converting JFIF to PSD, the app provides a dual mode for selecting JFIF. You may choose between a single JFIF file and a folder with numerous JFIF files.
  • Supported OS: The JFIF to PSD converter works with both Mac and Windows operating systems to convert .jfif to .psd. You may also finish the task by employing any of their versions.


By converting a JFIF file to a PSD file, you may now get rid of any reservations you might have about the format. We’ve given you the most effective tool for the task. The JFIF Image to PSD Converter is an all-in-one programme with a number of handy functions. It can convert JFIF in batches. Give the tool a go if you’re seeking for a quick and straightforward approach to convert JFIF to PSD.