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Clean Up Yahoo Emails in Batch Both Manually and Automatically

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 31-Aug-2022 ~ Clean Up Emails ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: Is your Yahoo inbox overflowing with emails? Every time you log on, you’re likely to groan like the majority of other users. Your mailbox is clogged with tens of thousands of emails. What if you knew how to quickly and effectively clean up Yahoo emails?

Keeping a large number of emails in your account may generate a large number of complications. You may have difficulties locating old emails and, on occasion, may be unable to receive new emails owing to a lack of available space. All of these problems may be resolved by cleaning out your Yahoo mail. Therefore, please review the following ways and begin working on your assignment.

The Manual Way to Clean Up Yahoo Emails

  • Launch a web browser and go to Yahoo Mail.
  • Select the box above the inbox at the top of the browser. If the drop-down option appears, choose “All.” Alternatively, it should automatically choose all.

Note: Please keep in mind that this only chooses the messages that are now visible on your screen. Slide down to view all emails in the inbox to pick more.

  • Click the checked arrow once again to choose “All.” You should now notice that all of the messages have been chosen.
  • Confirm that you want to delete the file by clicking “Delete.”
  • If it still doesn’t erase all of the emails in your inbox, repeat the procedure until all of them are gone.

Thus, this is the first method to clean Yahoo email inbox. There are, however, certain restrictions that you should be aware of before using this approach to clean up Yahoo emails. Therefore, have a look at them.

Limitation of the Manual Approach:

  • You may either delete the emails one by one or pick an option to delete all emails in your inbox, which may remove some critical messages even if you don’t want them to.
  • Furthermore, you can’t remove emails from a certain period or a specific sender.
  • You won’t be able to simply remove the email attachments since there is no such option.

As a consequence, we’ve come up with a different way to clean up Yahoo Mail inbox, sent folders, and other folders that might help you get over these limitations. So, look through them to find the most convenient manner to do the task.

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An Alternative Way to Clean Up Thousands of Emails from Yahoo Mail

The MacXtra EmailRaser program is a tool that is only focused on removing emails from your chosen email provider. It’s a comprehensive, dependable, and efficient program that can clear up your Yahoo emails in only a few clicks and actions. Furthermore, unlike the manual way, it enables you to clear up Yahoo mail selectively, which means you may simply delete only a few specific emails without exerting too much work.

We provide extensive instructions to help you fully grasp how the application works and how it selectively or completely clean up Yahoo emails. You should carefully follow each step to understand what they want of you.

  • For your device, get the Yahoo email Eraser After that, you must install and start it to clean up Yahoo email inbox.
    start yahoo email eraser programme
  • To link your Yahoo Mail to the tool, you will be requested to input your Yahoo email address and password once the programme is completely working.
    enter yahoo credentials
  • Now you must choose which folders you want to delete from your Yahoo account. You may make your selection based on your needs.
    choose folders to delete
  • Several filter, such as apply email fields to delete emails from a given address, may be used to eliminate specific emails.
    apply filters
  • To Clean up Yahoo emails, click the start wipe button. Once all of the selected emails or files have been deleted, you will be notified.
    click save to clean up yahoo emails

Our procedure to clean up thousands of emails from Yahoo mail is now complete. In comparison to the manual method, this one seems to be considerably easier and more effective. Now, in order to assist you in learning more about the tool, we’ve listed some of its most useful features. So, have a look at and understand why this Yahoo email eraser is the best choice for you.s

Discover Some Benefits of the Yahoo Email Eraser Tool

  • In just a few steps, you can clean up Yahoo emails in bulk.
  • You may choose which mailboxes to retain and which to remove.
  • You may use a date range to remove items from a certain time period.
  • It enables you to use email fields to delete emails from a specific address.
  • You may choose the email size to remove emails of a certain size.
  • You may also selectively or completely remove Yahoo Mail attachments.
  • It works with both Mac OS and Windows operating systems.


We’ve included both manual and automated methods to clean up Yahoo emails. However, the manual technique does not allow you to remove emails selectively, while the automated way allows you to apply multiple filters to delete particular emails. Therefore, please carefully review each technique and choose which one is most appropriate for you.